How To Change The Name Of Zombies!

A Tutorial for Left 4 Dead 2

I recently stumbled upon the change survivor name tutorial and realized there was no way to change the zombie names. Or so I thought... I skimmed through the ui txt files in the resource folder of the l4d2 vpks and found code for the zombie names! So now I will explain how to change the zombie names.

1. Download my dank txt and my dank addon info
2. Create a folder somewhere
3. Put the addoninfo.txt into that folder
4. Create a folder inside of that folder called "resource"
5. Put the "closecaption_english.txt" into the "resource" folder
6. Open the "closecaption_english.txt" with Notepad, Notepad++, etc.
7. Edit "Witch", "Boomer", etc. to whatever you want to rename that zombie type to
8. Open the bin folder of l4d2 and drag the folder containing the resource folder into vpk.exe
9. Drag the resulting .vpk file into your Left 4 Dead 2 addon folder.
10. Open your game and play. You should see the new names when you kill them!
example of where you can see custom names: Player killed <ZombieType>
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