[Scripting] Reset.cfg and you

A Tutorial for Team Fortress 2

What a reset.cfg file is and why you need one

Hello! Welcome to this guide. So, I assume you came here for 1/3 reasons…

  1. I suggested you look at it
  2. Your subbed to me here
  3. You want to figure out what a reset.cfg file is

Either one or all of them, i'm going to explain:

  1. What a reset.cfg file is
  2. Why they're useful
  3. And why you need one

Alright! With that being said, let's get into the fun parts!

What is a reset.cfg file?

In the simplest terms: A reset.cfg file is meant to reset specific scripts or binds

Basically: you created a script that ONLY works on scout, then switch to demo. That script is still active, and triggering it might cause something to go wrong.

So: this seems trivial! But is it? The below section says otherwise

Why is a reset.cfg file useful?

Here’s why:

You just made a sick bind to switch to your pistol and fire it as long as you’re holding the M2 button. And it looks like this:

Alias “+FNPistol” “slot2; wait 1; +attack”
Alias “-FNPistol” “-attack; wait 1; slot 1”
Wait 1
Bind “MOUSE2” “+FNPistol”

It works wonders! It’s really fun to use as scout or engi.

But what happens when you go medic? You have built uber and are ready to pop. You and your patient go into the middle of a firefight and you “pop”. But instead, you “switch” weapons, re-heal the heavy, and switch to your syringe gun / crossbow.

You just lost a full uber, and or a game

This is why reset.cfg files are REALLY important! They stop a lot of grief and pain.

But why do I need one?

Well, you have come this far to figure out how to script (or install them). And some might run into each other and screw up the scripts you do and don't want. So, if the above isn't reason enough… Most, if not all scripters either have a reset.cfg file or a feedback to their autoexec.cfg file.

Ok, But how do they work? Let me show you:

Picture the above situation. You made that beautiful bind and want to use it without needing to main scout or engi. How? Put this into every specific class folder:

exec reset.cfg

And in reset.cfg:

bind “MOUSE2” “+attack2”

Now, we go into the game as a scout or engi and use this script. We eventually go medic and build uber. We go to pop, and it works! We didn't make a fool of ourselves and won a game!

If you don't have a reset.cfg file, then i HIGHLY recommend making one

In the end, all you do for a reset.cfg file is undo any other script you may have made in a different class folder
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