CS:S Console Commands

A Tutorial for Counter-Strike: Source


  • Addition Added showtriggers_toggle explanation.
  • Addition Added nav_edit explanation.

More developer console commands explanation may come soon.

Version 3 9mo
  • Addition Added func_hostage_rescue explanation.
  • Addition Added func_bomb_target explanation.
Version 2 9mo

Welcome To the First part of CS:S Console Commands!

And So, Let's get this Tutorial started.

In CSS, you can use Developer Console for execute Commands and Have Fun with sv_cheats 1.

So, here i'm going to show you some developer console commands in CS:S.

(And Them need sv_cheats 1 to work!)

  1. sv_cheats 1 - Enables cheats on the server.
  2. buddha -  Makes you survive if your health reaches on 1.
  3. noclip - Makes you fly around on the map.
  4. thirdperson - Enables the Third Person camera. (It makes your camera on your back.)
  5. firstperson - Enables the First Person camera. (It resets the camera to normal if you use thirdperson.

Okay, that was SOME Commands of Developer Console..

Now, Time to some possible entities in CS:S.

  1. ent_create weapon_ak47 - Creates a AK-47 on the map.
  2. ent_create weapon_aug - Creates a AUG on the map.
  3. ent_create weapon_awp - Creates a AWP on the map.
  4. ent_create weapon_c4 - Creates a C4 on the map.
  5. ent_create weapon_deagle - Creates a Deagle on the map.
  6. ent_create weapon_elite - Creates The Beretta 92s on the map.
  7. ent_create weapon_famas - Creates a Famas on the map.
  8. ent_create weapon_fiveseven - Creates a Five-Seven on the map.
  9. ent_create weapon_flashbang - Creates a Flashbang on the map that players can pick up.
  10. ent_create weapon_g3sg1 - Creates a G3SG1 on the map.
  11. ent_create weapon_galil - Creates a Galil on the map.
  12. ent_create weapon_glock - Creates a Glock on the map.
  13. ent_create weapon_hegrenade - Creates a Frag Grenade on the map that players can pick up.
  14. ent_create weapon_knife - Creates a Knife on the map.
  15. ent_create weapon_m249 - Creates a FN M249 on the map.
  16. ent_create weapon_m3 - Creates a Benelli M3 on the map.
  17. ent_create weapon_m4a1 - Creates a M4A1 on the map.
  18. ent_create weapon_mac10 - Creates a MAC-10 on the map.
  19. ent_create weapon_mp5navy - Creates a MP5 on the map.
  20. ent_create weapon_p228 - Creates a P228 on the map.
  21. ent_create weapon_p90 - Creates a P90 on the map.
  22. ent_create weapon_scout - Creates a Stery Scout on the map.
  23. ent_create weapon_sg550 - Creates a SG550 on the map.
  24. ent_create weapon_sg552 - Creates a SG552 on the map.
  25. ent_create weapon_smokegrenade - Creates a Smoke Grenade that players can pick up.
  26. ent_create weapon_tmp - Creates a TMP on the map.
  27. ent_create weapon_ump45 - Creates a UMP-45 on the map.
  28. ent_create weapon_usp - Creates a USP on the map.
  29. ent_create weapon_xm1014 - Creates a XM1014 on the map.
  30. ent_create weapon_itemdefuser - Creates a Defuser Kit on the map.
  31. ent_create hostage_entity - Spawns a Hostage on the map.


You can change your weapon entity's ammo too!

You Just Need to:

For Example:

  1. ent_create weapon_ak47 ammo 999 - Creates a AK-47 on the map with 999 ammo.

ammo <integer>
Amount of reserve ammo to be added. Fallback value is 0. !FGD
But that doesn't work with grenades and c4..

And Now, Some CSS Commands.

  1. mp_c4timer <Numbers 10 - 90 > - Changes the C4's time. (For example: mp_c4timer 10 )
  2. mp_timelimit - Changes Next Map time. (if 0, will disable Next Map time.) 

Now, showtriggers_toggle.

showtriggers_toggle?, Lemme Explain.

showtriggers_toggle Is a developer console command, It shows all triggers entities on the map. (Affects ALL Players.)

For Example:

  1. showtriggers_toggle - Shows all Triggers on the map.

Here how it looks like in-game.

showtriggers_toggle in action.

Now, nav_edit.

nav_edit?, Lemme Explain.

nav_edit Is a developer console command, It is useful for show Navigation Mesh on the map.

For Example:

  1. nav_edit 1 - Shows Navigation Mesh on the map.

Here how it looks like in-game.

nav_edit in action.

Now, func_bomb_target.

func_bomb_target?, Lemme Explain.

An invisible brush-based entity used to mark where the bomb can be planted. If a Terrorist is inside the func_bomb_target, then they can plant the bomb. The radar will automatically label a func_bomb_target as either "A" or "B". The first created 'func_bomb_target will be "A" and the second will be "B".

For Example:

  1. ent_create func_bomb_target model *5 targetname bomb01 - Creates a func_bomb_target.

Here how it looks like in-game.

A func_bomb_target in action. It allows players to plant C4 on that brush entity.

Now, func_hostage_rescue.

func_hostage_rescue?, Lemme Explain.

func_hostage_rescue is a brush entity that marks an area at which hostages may be saved. It is not rendered. The trigger texture is appropriate to use on this entity's brushwork. Many instances of this entity may be used in a map.

For Example:

  1. ent_create func_hostage_rescue model *5 targetname rescue01 - Creates a func_hostage_rescue.

Here how it looks like in-game.

A func_hostage_rescue in action. If a hostage touch that brush entity, The hostage will be rescued.

Alright, that was not all the CS:S Developer console commands..


Don't Worry

Later I Will add more Commands on this Tutorial

That's it for now, Bye!



Version 3 (Minor Update)

  • -Added showtriggers_toggle explanation.
  • -Added nav_edit explanation.

Version 2 (Minor Update)

  • -Added func_hostage_rescue explanation.
  • -Added func_bomb_target explanation.

Version 1.1 (Minor Update)

  • -Added ammo keyvalue explanation.
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  • hello.How i change the letter to put a spray because the t has to put a spray but now it changes the hand who has the weapon what i have to do solve this?
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    IND Industry!
    This tutorial should be named "Mapping & Navmesh Commands".
    But if you include some of the basic stuff like "mp_" and spawnables then it tends to be something else.

    What this needs is more Commands that can help you debug the map or the game..

    Examples :

    • r_load (to check props pop-up on some maps)
    • r_shadowcolor (could be useful)
    • cl_wpn_sway_scale
    • r_ (or mat_) wireframe
    • cleardecals
    • sv_gravity (everyone knows)
    • r_rainhack (what this does was on cs_office07, it multiples the amount of rain sprites falling) [But fills the console with crap]
    • sv_stopspeed (it's fixed now i guess)
    • ammo_max* (modify the amount of ammo weapons carry)
    • r_(or something else
    • log on/off
    • sv_logecho (Echo log information to the console)
    • cl_winddir
    • cl_windspeed
    • r_radiosity
    • r_skybox
    • r_showenvcubemap

    And a butt-ton of others.

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    Thanks for these.
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Valve Developer Community
For list of Entities and Commands.


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