Adding One Slot Nameplates

A Tutorial for Super Smash Bros. (WiiU)

First you need a nameplate file:
[chrn_11_(CharacterName)_xx.nut] the xx would be what slot you'd want them to go into. 

If a mod you like doesn't come with a nameplate file, you can find PLENTY on here. Look for yourself in the Nameplate Category

Here are the most popular nameplate packs and are UNIQUE:
Stank Knight

non-unique: Superteletubbies64DualSaga184

And also a really cool mod-pack modifies you're vanilla smash characters nameplates to all be unique: The Yellow Yoshi

Back to the tutorial:

Say you wanted your nameplate file for Duck Hunt's c06, the nameplate file would aptly be named chrn_11_Duckhunt_07 (since c06 is actually the seventh slot because you start at c00). You put that file into the chr_11 folder in Sm4shexplorer under data>ui>replace>chr.
Next is the trickier part, you need to edit the ui_character_db.bin. This involves double clicking it [under data(xx_xx)>param>ui] which will open Param editor, click +Group[1] to expand. You're going to want to find DuckHunts ID, looking through all the entries you need to find His ID#, which is 45, which I'll just tell you is Entry[43]. You can double check by looking at line 6 inside Entry[43] and it should say 45.  Here's a picture.

For every other character, you follow this list:
0x00 Mii Brawler

0x01 Mii Swordfighter

0x02 Mii Gunner

0x03 Mario

0x04 Donkey Kong

0x05 Link

0x06 Samus

0x07 Yoshi

0x08 Kirby

0x09 Fox

0x10 Pikachu

0x11 Luigi

0x12 Captain Falcon

0x13 Ness

0x14 Peach

0x15 Bowser

0x16 Zelda

0x17 Sheik

0x18 Marth

0x19 Mr. Game & Watch

0x20 Ganondorf

0x21 Falco

0x22 Wario

0x23 Meta Knight

0x24 Pit

0x25 Zero Suit Samus

0x26 Olimar

0x27 Diddy Kong

0x28 King Dedede

0x29 Ike

0x30 Lucario

0x31 R.O.B.

0x32 Toon Link

0x33 Charizard

0x34 Sonic

0x35 Jigglypuff

0x36 Dr Mario

0x37 Lucina

0x38 Dark Pit

0x39 Rosalina

0x40 Wii Fit Trainer

0x41 Little Mac

0x42 Villager

0x43 Palutena

0x44 Robin

0x45 Duck Hunt

0x46 Bowser Jr.

0x47 Shulk

0x48 Greninja

0x49 Pac-Man

0x50 Mega Man

0x51 Mewtwo

0x52 Ryu

0x53 Lucas

0x54 Roy

0x55 Cloud

0x56 Bayonetta

0x57 Corrin

0x58 Giga Bowser

0x59 Wario Man

0x60 Giga Mac

0x61 Mega Lucario

0x62 Mii Enemy (Brawler)

0x63 Mii Enemy (SwordFighter)

0x64 Mii Enemy (Gunner)

When looking for other characters, like lets say Peach, her ID# according to the list above is 14. So under +Group[1], you should just click Entry[14] (as a starting point), and look at line 6. It says 13, so just go down one more to Entry[15] and BAM! We found Peach. It's not always that simple and DOESN'T go in order so always look at line 6 to help guide you and the list provided above. Here you can edit # of costume slots and much more. But back to nameplates...

Next, starting from line 37, which is the first slot (c00), go down to line 43 (c06, the slots nameplate we want to change) and change that number (which should be 1 or 0) to 7. That changes where that costume will pull it's chrn_11 from (it'll look for a chrn_11_Duckhunt_07.nut now). 
Click save, save it somewhere you can find it, and the game SHOULD ask you if you want to include your modified file in the project. Click Yes. If it didn't, drag the ui_character_db.bin you JUST saved into Sm4shexplorer in the correct spot [data(xx_xx)>param>ui].

 If you do all this and you go in the game and it's just a white box, that means you did something wrong with the nameplate file (probably didn't name it correctly or you don't have one). 

[P.S.] In the games eyes you created a new character (which you did, otherwise why need a nameplate?) You've created this seventh slot (with my Duck hunt example) which can be accompanied by in-game texts (Result screen & in-game name).

This tutorial taught me how to do it. You need to download MSBT editor, and edit these files within MSBT editor.

MmelCharaA01(CharacterName)  -  Used for boxing ring! 
MmelCharaC01(CharacterName)  - Used under battle portrait in game!
MmelCharaN01(CharacterName)  - Pokemon Stadium  
MmelCharaR01(CharacterName)  - Results Screen text for winning! 

For our Duck-Hunt example, we'd change the number to 7, and click the + and this creates that seventh slot the game pulls from. All you have to do is type in what you want for it to say and it should show up in the game.
This isn't a NECESSITY but it accompanies a character when you change their nameplate and looks good.

Hope this helps! If I got anything wrong or you have questions, feel free to leave a comment or PM me.  

Send me thanks!
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    This is a good tutorial explaining how to change the nameplates, but it should be noted that if you use Sm4shforge, the labels are already there for you that were done by researchers, saving you a lot of time. Simply drag ui_character_db.bin into forge, and it'll populate for you.
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