[Tutorial] Editing Event Mode - Basics

A Tutorial for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

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Yo. I'm here with a tutorial that quite a few people have be interested in, so i'm just going to cover the basics as all info isn't 100% researched. 

What you need.
1. Sm4sh Forge (Preferred) OR Param Editor
2. Sm4shExplorer
3. Extracted event_param.bin in data/param/event
4. Patience.

(The rest of the tutorial explains as if using Sm4sh Forge)

Open up the event_param.bin in forge and immediately take note of the first two groups, Events and Fighters.

Events are the actual events from both solo and multiplayer listed in event ID order, NOT the order ingame.

Fighters are the player character, teammates, and any enemies you fight. These are listed in order of event ID. This I'll explain later.

For this tutorial, we will only be going over a few of the entries.


Event Group Info

Event Number - Event Id Number
Game Mode - The game mode you want the event to have
Time Limit - The amount of time (in seconds) you have for the event
Team Battle - Whether or not you want the event to be teams
Stage ID - ID of the stage you want to play on
Number of Fighters - Amount of playable fighters (2p-8p smashes)
Speed Multiplier - If you want the stage to be turbo or slow mo based on the value you set
Damage Identity - Stock or Stamina
Player Special Win Value Needed - Keep at 0 for this tut.
Items Allowed - If items are used
Can Use Customs - If you can or can't use custom moves
Item - Item ID (Havent tested this much)
BGM ID - BGM ID you can find using Sm4shMusic in Sm4shExplorer


Fighter Group Info

Event Number - Event they show up on
Player ID - 1 is Player 1, 2 is Player 2, 3 is CPU
Character ID - ID of the character that will appear. For the player, 4294967294 is the ID for random, and 4294967295 is the ID for Choose
Attribute Modifier - Normal, Metal, or Clear
Size Multiplier - Giant or tiny based on value input
Team Color - Color of the team the fighter is on
Mute - Mutes the characters voice
Spawn Location - Based on the stage LVD start positions (ex 0 is spawn location 0, 1 is 1 etc.)
Has Flower - Self Explanatory
Has Curry - Self Explanatory
Has Bunny Hood - Self Explanatory
Costume Number - c00 and Up
Neutral/Up/Down/Side B - 0 for special 1, 1 for special 2, 2 for special 3
Knockback Given/Taken - I believe this is based on a percent
Stock - Amount of Lives
Stamina - Amount of Health
Damage Percent - How much damage you start with
(E)/(N)/(H) Prefixes - Easy Normal or Hard info.

The best way to make sure that what you want to do actually works, it's easier to replace an event that typically already does what you want it to do, or at least copy all of those values to another event. The most basic one is King of the Yoshi's, because its just an 8 player match, so before continuing, decide if you want to replace that, or copy those values to the first event (Wrecking Mario) and then continue.



Let's make this a 4 player stock match on battlefield, with 2 minutes, and customs are on. 

(IMPORTANT: If you are copying the values of one event to the other, DO NOT change the event number!)

Step 1: Set your game mode to 1 for stock.
Step 2: Set the time limit to 120 seconds (for 2 minutes)
Step 3: Make sure Team Battle is 0 for off
Step 4: Set the Stage ID for Battlefield
Step 5: Set Number of Fighters to 4
Step 6: Set Damage Identity to 0 for stock
Step 7: Set Can Use Customs to 1 for yes
Step 8: Set BGM ID to the song of your choice

If you are replacing/If you copied King of the Yoshi's, you should now have everything set to play a simple match. Now let's work on the fighters themselves.


Setting up the Fighters

The event seems to load fighters based on the consecutive order they appear in the param. Meaning, if 4 consecutive entries are all for the event that you make, they all will load. If you have 2 consecutive, and a pause between the next fighter set for the event, IT WILL NOT SHOW UP.

Step 1: Set up the player character. Set Player ID to 1. For this example, use the Choose ID above to pick your character. Change Team Color to 0 Edit any attribute, size, gravity, costume, etc.

Step 2: Edit your Difficulty Data. For now don't change knockback. Make your stock 1, stamina doesn't matter since we arent using that, change damage percent to 0. Do the same, or any variation for the 3 difficulties. Once Finished, move to the VERY NEXT ENTRY.

Step 3: Set up the Enemy Character. Set Player ID to 3. Pick whatever character ID for the character you want to fight. Set Team color to anything other than 0. (so 1, 2, or 3). Edit the attributes you'd want the cpu to have. Edit the CPU difficulty data in the same way you did the player difficulty data.

Step 4: Do the same thing 2 more times on the next CONSECUTIVE entries.

Finally, you can save and test out your event. You should now be choosing your character, fighting on battlefield with 3 other cpu.


That's it for the basics, but definitely read some of the FAQ and Notes below.

FAQ and Notes

Q. What about the other groups?
A. For this tutorial I did not talk about them, as its information that I myself haven't really tested all that much, or is unknown.

Q. What are the values with question marks for?
A. If a value has a question mark, It means that it's unconfirmed but might control the specified value. If you can confirm or deny it, report it here. 

Q. Can I make an Event where you are tiny and low gravity versus 7 cpu with a mix of abilities like customs, metal, curry etc.?
A. Yes.

Q. Can I make custom boss fights?
A. Yes but currently (based on tests) only on stages bosses appear on.

Q. Is it possible to make completely unique events like how Wrecking Mario has you destroy stuff?
A. Probably, alot of things are unconfirmed, and my hopes in explaining the basics will pull people in to at least  help test things out and report what they find. 

Q. My Event crashes, what do I do?
A. Either replace a different event, or change a value that you were unsure of back to what it was.

- If, during your own experience, you find a value that is incorrectly labeled, please inform me and let me know what it really is.

- It is currently unknown if there are events that cant be changed

- Everything isn't 100%, so expect to do some trial and error

- I havent looked into the rewards or unlock requirements for events yet, so I'm unsure of how those are handled.

If you have any questions, please feel free to comment. I'll try to answer as much as I can. I'll try and update as more info becomes available.



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