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How to make ammo bags in TFC

A Tutorial for Team Fortress Classic

Oh, hi there. I'm Nate, and today I'll be teaching thee how to put working ammo bags in your TFC map. Let's begin.

1. Let's start off by opening Hammer

2. Then, in your map (if you have one), select the Entity Tool and create an info_tfgoal

3. Change these properties:

-Model path/name.mdl: models/backpack.mdl
-Team allowed to use goal (If you're not using teamcheck): (Choose the team that you want to be able to use the ammo bag)
-Targetname of teamcheck goal (If you're using teamcheck): (Write the name of your teamcheck)
-Stay active(sec): (Put in the number of seconds you want the ammo bag to take to reappear after being used)
-Play Sound Path/name.wav: weapons/scock1.wav
-Add/Subtract Health (If you want the ammo bag to refill your health): 100
-Armor Value % (If you want the ammo bag to restore your armor): 300
-Add/Subtract shells: 50
-Add/Subtract nails: 50
-Add/Subtract rockets: 20
-Add/Subtract cells: 50
-Add/subtract grenades #1 (If you want the ammo bag to give you grens): (How many grens you want the ammo bag to give you)
-Add/subtract grenades #2 (If you want the ammo bag to give you grens): (How many grens you want the ammo bag to give you)
-Goal Activation bitfields: 1 - player touch

You can also change Message to AP if you want a message to appear when you grab the ammo bag ("Restocking grenades", for example)

4. Don't forget to add an info_player_teamspawn so that you can spawn in and a light so that you can see

5. Done! Enjoy your free ammo!


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The whole tutorial


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