Custom Loading Screen Icon Fix Tutorial

A Tutorial for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

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1. The Problem

When adding a custom loading screen to your modpack, you will notice that your loading icon will become blurry and some details of the icon may not appear.

1.1. Requirements

This tutorial isn't too hard, though it does assume that you:
  • Have a way to extract .dds files from .nut files, inject .dds files into .nut files and how to do that.
  • Have a program to edit .dds files

1.2. Vanilla Loading Icon

If you don't yet have a custom loading icon, then click here to download my mod that fixes this issue for the vanilla loading icon.

1.3. Custom Loading Icon

If you have a custom icon or are creating an icon, follow this very simple guide to fix this issue.

1.3.1. Step 1: Extraction

First thing you want to do is grab the img-0000.nut file.  This file is originally located in data/ui/info/com_loading00 and is responsible for the actual icon.  Once you have that file, you want to extract the .dds file.

1.3.2. Step 2: Editing

In the two images shown above, in the first one, you will see three smash ball icons, with one of them being blurred out.  When you have a custom loading screen, that blurry icon will be what loads.

In order to fix this issue, then you just need to copy one of the other two of the smash ball icons (or whatever icon you are fixing) and align it the best you can with the blurred icon.

From here, paste the copied icon to a new layer and get rid of the blurred icon.  At the end, what you have should be similar to the second image.  From here, you just need to save the .dds file, inject into the img-0000.nut file and add to your modpack.


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