Customizing item's icons

A Tutorial for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (WiiU)

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Hello guys!

If you're there that's mean you want to edit your icons on Breath of The Wild right ?

Don't worry it will not be a difficult task. Actually it's similar to texture editing except there's one step changing.

So let's get started!

1. Downloading the recquired tools.

For the following tutorial, you will need 4 tools

And you're good for this part.

2. Decompressing the .sbitemico files to .bfres

First, we obviously need to get our icon file wich is located on the "\content\UI\StockItem" folder.

After that we also need to know wich item i want to change. For this you can go to this page and search after your item ID.

In my case, let's say i want to change the icon of the Tunic of Time. It's id is "Armor_200_Upper" let's grab this file in the StockItem folder.

Now we can simply decompress our "Armor_200_Upper.sbitemico" to a BFRES file

These files are simply Yaz0 compressed and you just need to drag the .sbitemico into Yaz0Dec who will create a new file.

Rename this new file .bfres

  3. Extracting the .dds file from .bfres

Now we can open Bfres_tool and extract the .dds by opening our .bfres file.

DON'T CLOSE THE BFRES_TOOL! We will need it at the step 5.

  4. Editing the .dds file

It's the now the time where you will show to everyone your talent and make some cool icons for your mods!

So let's open the .dds with the software of you choice (i will be using PaintDotNet in my case).

You have completed your icon and now there is the most important step before saving it.

We need to choose the good compression for the .dds. You absolutely need to choose the A8B8G8R8 format.

You can now return to our BFRES_TOOL, click on the "Replace Armor_200_Upper" button and select our new .dds

Once it's done we can finally close the Bfres_tool.

  5. The final step! Compress back to a .sbitemico!

Yes finally! Our final step will this one and obviously since everything is done now, we need to compress the .bfres into it's original format.

That's where the Yaz0Fast enter in action.

You will simply drag our .bres into Yaz0Fast and rename it back to .sbitemico

  6. Ingame testing.

Yeah! I know! I've said there was a last step but hey! Let's enjoy our new icon together!

There we are! You are now able to create your own icons for your own items!

That's all for this tutorial! Good luck for your future creation!



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