How to use SLAM

A Tutorial for Team Fortress 2

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Do you want to play music to everyone on a server?

If Yes, then this tutorial is for you, as of it will teach you how to usen SLAM aka. Soure Live Audio Mixer.

1. Download SLAM from this site.
2. Unpack it somwhere where you will find it easly. (eg. Desktop)
3. Launch TF2 and SLAM.
4. Import some songs to SLAM. (Import button to import from drive YouTube icon for a youtube video link)
5. Press the 'Start' button and type exec slam in the console.
6. Type in the console a tag of the song that you want. (You will find them in SLAM's song list)
7. Join a game and press X

If after pressing X, the song doesn't play try typing voice_inputfromfile 1 in the console.
To hear the song you're playing type in console voice_loopback 1


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