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Meteor Operation Guide

A Tutorial for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

Hi everyone ! I'm Mowjoh ! 

And I'm making this guide so you can easily find your way with Meteor. This tutorial comes in anticipation of Meteor's release. Can't promise anything but I expect it to be soon.

This tutorial will mention everything so you won't miss a step.

Table of Contents:


  • Step #1 Installing Meteor
  • Step #1.5 Updates
  • Step #2 Configuration

How to use Meteor

  • A) Workspace Section
  • B) Skin Section
  • C) Meteor Downloads
  • D) Filebank
  • D1) Filebank Skin section
  • D2) Filebank Nameplate section
  • D3) Filebank Packer section
  • E) Stages & Interface section
  • F) About section
  • Conclusion


  • Bonus 1 - Smash Forge integration


First off, Meteor is an application that can manage your mods for Sm4sh File Explorer. If you haven't got it yet, please install and configure it first. 

Step #1 - Installing Meteor

Pretty straightforward, get it here and install it. (Don't use an admin protected folder like Program Files though)

Step #1.5 - Updates

Whenever Meteor can be updated, you'll be able to see a red Update button on the top right part of the screen. Click it to launch the update process

Step #2 - Configuration

Once the application is launched, head to the configuration screen by clicking the top bar's configuration button.
You will be presented with this screen :

You will have to edit these settings to get the behavior you want.
These settings are:

1. Language 

Please select the region your Wii U is, and the language your Sm4sh is displayed in.

2. Sm4shExplorer's location

Please select Sm4shExplorer's exe so it can be used by Meteor

3. Configuration Files

This is a place to select configuration files supported by Meteor.
Currently, there's one : 

so pick the file and it will be added to the list. 
This allows Meteor to update character skin counts, and nameplates so make sure to add it !

4. Sm4shExplorer launch mode

There are three possibilities regarding Sm4shExplorer's auto launch. 
- First off, no launch, which does exactly what it says. 
- Second is Launch Sm4shExplorer which will launch it everytime Meteor's done with building and finally, 
- Relaunch Sm4shExplorer which will kill all launched instances of Sm4shExplorer before relaunching it. The advantage of the third option being that you're sure that Sm4shExplorer's launched with the proper workspace.

5. Download Fix

This is a very specific option. It is only useful if you had Meteor Skin Library installed, and that it still launches for Meteor downloads even if you have Meteor installed. This only works in admin mode, so close Meteor, relaunch in Admin, use this option, and relaunch as normal.

6. Color

This is if you don't like Meteor's current color. Pick what you like, and apply it!

And now you have a fully configured Meteor !

Now, I will present you how to use the other sections.

How to use Meteor

A) Workspace Section

You may be wondering why I'm showing you workspaces first? It's just because having the workspace the way you like is a great start with Meteor. Clicking the top bar's Workspace button will show you this screen :

First off, have you noticed the workspace list on top? (1) 
This is where you select a workspace. In this case, "Personal Modpack" is activated and "New Workspace" is not. If you want to change the active workspace, just select it in this list. I'll show you what it changes later on with skins.

In this screen, you can : 

2. Add a workspace

3. Change the selected workspace's name.

(type the new name and press enter to validate the changes)

4. Clear the workspace

This will empty the workspace from all the content you've added to it

5. Delete the workspace

This will completely remove everything you have in the workspace, as well as the files you put in it's folders through S4E

6. Launch Sm4sh Explorer

7. Build the workspace

Alright listen up. This is important.
When you click this button, Meteor will clean the folders it can manage, and will put every content you've specified where it belongs. It will take care of changes and you'll end up with a modpack ready to be built in S4E.  Every file placed in the right spot, with the right name. ui_character_db.bin will be refreshed according to every character's skin count.
On heavy modpacks, this can take quite some time.

8. Statistics

This will show you some statistics so you can quickly know how much's in the workspace.

B) Skin Section

This is where the fun is, at the moment!
The skin section is presented at launch, or when you select the top bar's skin button.

There's a lot to talk about so buckle up !

1. Character select

This will show you the list of available skins and slots for that character

2. Available skins

This list shows every skin you've added to Meteor for that character. Select one to display it's information on the right panel

3. Slots

This list shows which slot holds which skin. You can see the defaults there, but if you add skins to the slots, you'll see them there. #10 will explain how to add skins to slots.

4. Skin name

You can edit it and press enter to validate the change

5. Author

You can edit it if it's not locked and press enter to validate the change

6. Nameplates

If there's an available nameplate for that character, select it to have it applied to that slot.

7. Add a skin

This adds a blank skin to Meteor. You can edit the name, author, and add files to it with the next steps

8. Adding model files to a skin

To add model files to a skin, drop a cXX folder in the model part of the box. The folder can be named c00, cX0, c0X, cXX with 0 being any number. It'll be added by default to body/cXX. If you have other model folders like Samus' gun folder, drop the gun folder containing the cXX to see it added as gun/cXX

9. Adding csps to a skin

This is the same as for models, except that you drop the files to the csp box, or a folder containing the csps. They'll be detected and added to the skin

10. Organising slots

If you want to add one of my available skins to the slots, you'll have to drag the items and drop them in the position you'd like.
Taking a skin from the available skins list to the slot list will add it to the workspace. Put it anywhere you like !
To remove a skin, right click the item and select "remove from the workspace" Putting a skin before a default one will replace the default slot by the skin you've dropped.

Summary of skin management

First off, add a blank skin. Then add the files to it, finally, put the skin in the slots wherever you like. When Meteor builds the skins, it'll take the skin you've added and will place it in the workspace according to the slots. 

C) Meteor Downloads

Here, I'll talk about Meteor downloads.
Meteor is able to download content made for it. Gamebanana shows specific links for Meteor, and when you click them, Meteor will automatically start to download them, then install the content.
If you're downloading skins, you don't have to do anything, they'll be available for you to use once the process is complete. This will also work with nameplates, and everything that Meteor manages.

Authors, Meteor is able to pack content for you. This means that you don't have much to do to get your Meteor download link available. The process will be detailed later in the packer part of this tutorial

D) Filebank

Hey ! Congrats on going this far on the tutorial. I know it's information intensive, but this is a major thing about Meteor.

Whenever you add content to Meteor, it's stored in the Filebank. This is a safe space where everything is stored. What this means is that skins are in the Filebank before they are in a Workspace. Let's say you add a skin to Meteor, and add it to a workspace. in fact, let's say you've added tons of skins to a workspace

If you clean or delete the workspace containing everything, you will still have every content you put in Meteor since it's in the Filebank.

When Meteor builds your modpack, what it actually does is copy everything from the bank, and puts it in the right place in your workspace.
Taking a skin as an example, your new "Super Skin" is copied to the workspace and renamed for the slot you put it in.

Now, the greatest thing besides file safety is multiple workspaces.

If you've added any content to Meteor once, it can be used across all workspaces.
So, I can add "Super Skin" to multiple workspaces without needing to add it again, just drop it where you want in the slots !

That will conclude this brief infomercial about Meteor, now let's resume to how to use this Filebank.

D1) Filebank - Skin section

First off, the Filebank presents different categories. Select Skins in the category list to see the Filebank Skin view.

With this view, you can manage every skin added to Meteor, regardless of what workspace it's in.

1. Character Select

This is pretty straightforward, it's a filter for skins. Select All Characters, or any character to see the corresponding skins.

2. Skin Select

Selecting a skin will display it's informations in (3). You can use several actions once a skin is selected

3. Skin Information

4. Add Skin to Packer

This will include the skin in the Packer. You'll see about that later

5. Preview in Forge

If Forge is properly setup within Meteor, it'll be able to launch Forge with the skin files so you can preview it. More information on the later Forge section.

6. Delete Skin Permanently

Alright girls and boys, time to listen up VERY CAREFULLY.
This is the only option to remove a skin's files from Meteor. It's not about removing it from the workspace, it's about anhilating the files to oblivion so they can't be recovered.

This will also remove the skin from any workspace it's in. Don't pull a Segtendo !

D2) Filebank - Nameplate section

Selecting the nameplate category will show this screen :

1. Character Select

This is like skins, selecting an option will filter available nameplates

2. Nameplate Select

Select a nameplate to display it's informations in (3)

3. Attributes

This displays informations for the selected nameplate

4. Name change

Type a name for the nameplate and press enter to validate the change

5. Author change

Type a name for the author and press enter to validate the change

6. Add Nameplate to packer

This will add the selected nameplate to the packer. More info in the packer section

7. Delete Nameplate permanently

This is the same oblivion that skins get. Press it only if you want it removed completely from Meteor. 

8. Drop a Nameplate to add it to Meteor

Drop the chrn_11_Character_XX file, depending on the character name of the file, it'll automatically be assigned to that character. 
It'll be added to the list where you can edit the nameplate's info

D3) Filebank Packer section

This is the Packer section. This screen is of a WIP of the section. But what it does still applies. Let's see it :

1. Content list

This is everything you've added to the packer with the "Add to Packer" buttons. The content you see here is what's gonna be included in the archive if you select the Pack Archive option.

Reminder for mod creators who want to share their content in Meteor format : Make sure you've set the author and skin name properly so you'll be properly credited when this content is added automatically to Meteor. 

2. Pack Archive

This option will prompt a file save dialog. Select the location, enter the name and press save to have the archive named and created at that spot !

The Packing will go in order of pack. So if you want your skins to be added in a specific order, make sure to add them to the packer in that order :D

3. Clear Packer Content

This will completely empty the packer. You can start over fresh, yay !

E) Stages & Interface sections

At the moment these are placeholders. I want them here cause I want you to know that this is planned to be release after launch. In the mean time, you still have everything else.

F) About section

This tab presents information about the application such as App version, and latest patch notes.


Alright, this wraps up what you can do in Meteor at the moment. Thanks for reading this :D

I hope this helps you figure out what you could do with Meteor, and have a great time modding !


Bonus 1 - Smash Forge integration

If you want Smash Forge to be useable within Meteor, you have to put Forge's files in the following folder : 
[Meteor Installation Path]/forge/

So you'll have [Meteor Installation Path]/forge/Smash Forge.exe 


  • 3mo
    I am having trouble when building the workspace. It doesn't import the skins in slots 1 through 8, even if they are custom. Is there a way to make it so I can have these slots also be replaced, or is that not a feature at this time?
    Kill Me
  • 8mo
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    If i used the old way to put costumes... I can use this w/out having to put EVERY single costume as it was , right ? Also , does this get rid of the need of packing the modpack + send to SD ? it's 30 minutes long (for me) and it's too long for me
  • 9mo
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    *heavy breathing*
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    Thank you for the guide, I'm looking forward to using Meteor when it's released! Managing everything is a hassle, you're a hero for making this :D




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