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How to edit machine stats

A Tutorial for F-Zero GX


Easier method to change stats
  • Improvement Starknebula developed a way to easily create a modified cardata.lz file by simply inputting numbers on Unity.
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Starknebula recently posted a video on how to edit stats much more easily using Unity. Here is his video guide on how to set this up.

Refer to the links at the bottom for download links and related documentation

How to edit the machine stats

  1. With the F-Zero GX ISO file in your computer, download and run GCRebuilder. Also download GXpand and the Hex Editor
  2. Open GCRebuilder, go to Image -> Open to open the GX ISO. Then do Image -> Export to save the root folder containing all of the game files to your computer.
  3. Open up the root folder that you just saved. Inside of the “game” folder, copy the cardata.lz file to the Input folder where you extracted GXpand to.
  4. Run the UNPACK batch file. A “cardata,lz” (comma instead of a period) will now appear in the Output folder
  5. Open up both the Hex Editor and the spreadsheet with the contents of the cardata,lz file. Open the cardata,lz file in the Hex Editor.
  6. In the hex editor, on the drop down that is labeled “bytes per row”, change that to 4. Next do View->Offset Base and select decimal. Finally go to View->Byte Group Size and select 4. After doing this, each row should have two 8 character hexadecimal values.
  7. Refer to the cardata,lz spreadsheet linked below to find the value you want to replace, and then find it in the Hexeditor. Place the cursor on the front of the value in question. Typing will replace the characters automatically.
  8. To find out the proper hex value, open the converter, input the decimal number in Decimal Representation and hit enter. In the Hexdecimal representation, if for example you are trying to replace a value with 20.2, the hex value it converts to is 41a1999a (ignore the 0x). The value you would replace in the hex editor would be 9a99a141 by taking the last two numbers, put it in the front. Then take the next two numbers right behind 9a and put it in front of 9a, and so on. Below I color coded the values to make it easy to understand.
    1. Original way (Big Endian): 41a1999a
    2. Corrected (Little Endian):  9a99a141 (This is the value you type in)
  9. Once you made all of the changes you want to make, save it. Move the cardata,lz file to the Input folder (you may want to delete the cardata.lz file that you originally put in to unpack it to avoid confusion), and then run the PACK batch file.
  10. Take the newly packed cardata.lz file from the Output folder, and replace the one that’s in Root/Game with it
  11. Open up GCRebuilder, go to Root-> Open and select the Root folder that you just replaced the file in
  12. Now do Root->Save. Select the location to save the ISO file which will have the mod applied
  13. And finally do Root -> Rebuild. Once it finishes you have a working ISO file with the changes you made.

Reference Material to edit machines stats

Contents of the cardata,lz file in spreadsheet, with labeling of the hex values:

GXpand: Needed to “unpack” files before being able to edit the .lz files. And then repacking it

Spreadsheet with the F-Zero GX Hidden Stats and explanations


Hex Editor

Decimal to floating point (big endian) converter



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