The Definitive Graphics Overhaul For Sven

A Tutorial for Sven Coop

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Well ain't this a surprise!

Are you like me, and for some reason the only game you play is Sven-Coop? And for some reason care about it's graphics? No? Well ok but nevertheless, i've still got a guide for you!

Looks like we made it to the front page! Thanks guys :)

This is a little guide on how to use reshade. Reshade is a third party graphics injector .dll (that's the best i can explain it) that allows you to inject the game's render with various neat graphics effects. I merely found out it works for Goldsrc, and it turned out well! So i'm sharing this with you!

  1. First off, you'll need ReShade. Get it here. Download it and unzip it.
  2. Put it (The exe file) in your sven dir and run it, point it to the sven .exe and choose opengl as the render. Make sure that you download the effects/presets it offers you during the process. You'll need those.
  3. Make the opengl32.dll file that it creates after this read-only (Right click it and properties) because it gets removed otherwise for some reason, at least for me. 

I have not vac'd for this yet and i'm hoping that will stay the case since it's a mostly coop game.

That's it! Now you can go in game and mess around with effects by pressing Shift + F2! 

Additionally you can download presets that i'll put up here.
As far as i can tell you just need to extract those ini files in the sven directory where you put the reshade exe.

There are also a ton of other presets on the internet with many new effects for various games that i assume could be used in here, from what i can tell. So feel free to google them and experiment as you wish. I'll update this guide if i find any significant ones. And likewise if you have any suggestions on how to get better results, feel free to let me know!

Have fun!

Disclaimer: Lil' ol' me does not actually seriously claim that this TEH DEFUFHINITHIV GRAPIX but it's the best i've seen. But of course that is subjective. Not everybody likes these kinds of visuals, but what's good about this is that you can adjust it to your liking! Also some of these efffects will destroy your framerate! I'm running a GTX 960 and i tend to get less than 30 fps with some of them! But some effects dont drain any fps and still give a nice result, so experiment with them yourself.



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