Fixing the 20 Song Limit Rarity Not Saving Bug

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If you're here, you are probably looking to fix a known issue with Sm4shMusic, where if a stage has more than 20 songs, whether they were already in the game or they are custom, songs in Slot 21 or higher will not save their rarities after a restart of the software.

The only stage that does NOT have this issue, is Super Mario Maker. And it appears it has something to do with its entry in ui_stage_db.bin, (not the sound one that Sm4shSound edits, the stage one) and that is what we will be editing today.

Let me know if this tutorial has worked for you, as I only have a couple people test it as of now. :)

EDIT: Apparently, after this tutorial, if you load with mods, and then load without mods, all of your songs rarities will reset, even the original songs. So beware of that. It's was always a good idea to never load your game without mods if you already have them, unless 5.5.2 forced you too.????


-ui_stage_db.bin from data_en (or your language)


  1. Find ui_stage_db.bin and open it in Parameters.exe.
  2. Find the Entry for the stage you want to have 21 or more songs. You can find which Entry you need to edit by going here.  You may as well do all of your stages here. :P
  3. For the stage(s) you have selected, find Field 21. For that Field, the value should be 255 (except for Super Mario Maker where it will be 98.) Change the value in this Field to 98.
  4. Click File, and Save your ui_stage_db.bin. You may now add it to Sm4sh Explorer.

Although the process is pretty much done, there is one thing you need to have in mind.
Due to the way Smash WiiU saves songs 21+, you need to change the way you add new songs 22 or more. Not sure if this happens with Super Mario Maker yet.


When you want to add more than 21 songs, under the Sound DB box, move it right below Song 20.
Use my screenshot as an example.

20. Battle! (Lugia) (Pokémon HeartGold / Pokémon SoulSilver) (Remix)
21. Battle! (Reshiram/Zekrom) (Pokémon Black / Pokémon White) (Remix)

I will add a new song called "Random Song on GameBanana. "When you add a new song(s), add them right below Song 20.
It will end up looking like this:

20. Battle! (Lugia) (Pokémon HeartGold / Pokémon SoulSilver) (Remix)
21. Random Song on GameBanana
22. Battle! (Reshiram/Zekrom) (Pokémon Black / Pokémon White) (Remix)

Notice how the song that used to be 21 is now 22. You move your new songs in between 20 and 21.
Basically, it's like you see a line, and you try to squeeze in between two people.


If you do not do this, the next time you load up Smash WiiU the rarities in Song 21+ will mess up one time. If this happens, you can just redo the rarities and they will be saved in a reboot. This is only something you should worry about after starting Smash WiiU the FIRST TIME ONLY compiling mods if you added a new song on a stage with more than 20 songs.

And yeah, that is pretty much it. I hope this is of help, and please try it out and let me know if it works for you or if there is anything I should change, because this is my first tutorial. Big thanks to CocaineBiceps for helping me test this. Though we were the only ones to do it, and I did it on CEMU while he did it on real hardware, I hope that this tutorial will be succesful in helping evreyone else. :)

I been thinking about this for a while too... so... please forgive me for not doing this before Nintendo decided to kill our sanity with 5.5.2. :(

A special extra: Unknown 4 as shown in one of the screenshots is the position (in milliseconds) where the song starts in Sudden Death.  Jogging/Countdown! is the song I noticed with this property. It has a value of 10762, so it starts at 10.762 seconds. This can be added to any song you like, including songs already in the game and customs.



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