TF2 Console Commands, Part 2

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Welcome To the Second part Of TF2 Console Commands!


Here's The First Part of This Tutorial:
  1. TF2 Console Commands


Time To Continue!

Now, lights.

Lights?, Lemme Explain.

In TF2, Is Possible to Spawn Lights!

But Which Lights is Possible to Spawn?

For Example:

  • light_dynamic

    light_dynamic is a point entity available in all Source games. It is an invisible light source that changes over time. Can be turned on and off through inputs, and can aim at any object, including moving ones. Dynamic lights are calculated on the fly in the game, which means they have a higher processing cost but are much more flexible than static lighting. It is also the only entity except env_projectedtexture that can light up brushes at real-time (But it doesn't replace their original lighting).

     Note:This entity actually consists of two lights, a cone model light and a spot world light. Some values may affect one and not the other.

     Note:For the light to work properly the "distance" keyvalue must be greater than the distance from the entity to the surface it is supposed to light, otherwise it will not show. Also, the "brightness" keyvalue should be either 6 or 8, normal brightness values do not apply. Finally, adjusting the angle using the circle tool in the top-right or by using the "point at" tool will only adjust the cone model, the angle keyvalue must be set manually to adjust the spot world light.

     Note:For the 2013 SDK this is limited to 17 lights on at any one time so use wisely.
  • light_spot

    light_spot is a point entity available in all Source games. It is a cone-shaped, invisible light source. Can be turned on and off through inputs, though switchable lights may cause lightmap errors. This is a static spotlight that can be pointed at another entity.

     Note:When using this entity it is often necessary to turn the brightness value up significantly for the effects of the light to be visible. Values of 3000-4000 are sometimes necessary for light sources like streetlights.

     Warning:Naming a static light radically changes its behavior. See Naming Lights for details

That's It!

But Don't Worry..

I will put more Commands and Explanation on this Tutorial! (if i have free time to put more commands..)



Version 8.1 (Minor Update)

  • -Added light explanation.


Outputs Explanation
Bot Entities Explanation



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Special Thanks
Team Fortress 2 Wiki
For the console commands wiki.
Valve Developer Community
For the inputs, entities, outputs list.


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