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A Tutorial for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

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Added 1 Trick
  • Added 'Character Level System' with short example.
Before I begin, this is not a "how-to" on moveset making. It's a showcase of some unique tricks you can do in ACMD. It is not your basic hitbox creation nor effect swap, it is for people who understand coding.

For 'NNNNNNNN' variables, refer to this list by jugeeya.

Current List In This 'Tutorial'
  1. Enacting SpecialFall
  2. Single Costume Statements
  3. General Change After Input
  4. General Change After n Attacks
  5. Character Level System
  6. Training Mode Only Movesets

Enacting SpecialFall-----------------------------------------------------------------
Variable found by Stinny. The code for this is quite simple, as it is just a "Set Bit". You can use this after certain aerial moves to reduce their spam, or after airdodge to mimic Melee's airdodge.

Code: Bit_Variable_Set(Variable=0x20000082)

Single Costume Statement-------------------------------------------------------
Variable found by Stinny. Originally posted by Nogitsune, and tutorial later made by JABrules, this will let you change which ACMD statements are read based on skin slot chosen. The code is followed by an 'if' statement to test it. 

Code: unk_477705C2(unknown=0x1000003C, unknown=0x0, unknown=0x8)

Second statement in code is the comparative sign (=,<>,<=,>=) and the third statement is the skin slot hex ID.

General Change After Input-----------------------------------------------------
Variable found by Stinny. Original post and tutorial by JABrules, this lets you swap between 'types' or 'movesets' after using a certain move(s). Again, followed by an 'if' statement to test it.

Code: Basic_Variable_Set(Value=0x0, Variable=0xNNNNNNNN)

You can add more 'modes' by using more 'if' statements and changing the value again to another value.

General Change After n Attacks-----------------------------------------------
Variable and original post by jugeeya, this lets you change movesets based on how many attack have been used since the start of the match. Used with an 'if' statement to test it.

Code: unk_477705C2(unknown=0x1000003B unknown=0x3, unknown=0x5A)

Best used with 0x3 (>=) as the second statement. Third statement is number of attacks in hex.

Character Level System-----------------------------------------------------------
This is similar to the idea of 'aura charges' designed by the PMDT. Using 'Basic Variable Add', we can have certain moves add to a character's level. Using 'if' statements, we can check the size of the level, and change the hitboxes/attacks/effects accordingly. Then, certain moves can use 'Basic Variable Set' to reset the level to 0.

Code To Add: Basic_Variable_Add(Value=0x1, Variable=0xNNNNNNNN)
Code To Reset: Basic_Variable_Set(Value=0x1, Variable=0xNNNNNNNN)

Some ideas: sword length increase with level, projectile count multiple with level, recovery increase with level, earlier IASA with increased level, reduced landing lag with increased level, Pokemon 'power-up punch'.

Here is a pastebin example of Fox with a level system. Uses AppealHiR to level up his up special, and resets after level 3 use. Level 1 = Regular, Level 2 = Paralyze, Level 3 = Sleep

Training Mode Only Movesets--------------------------------------------------
If you have played training mode enough, you will notice that your entry animations don't play, and you are straight into the action. jugeeya managed to use this to make his training mode pack actually only show in training mode. Essentially, set a variable for the entry code, then use 'if' statements on any required move to check if the character showed an entry animation or not.

Code: Basic_Variable_Set(Value=0x0, Variable=0xNNNNNNNN)


Post Updated ACMD Dictionary
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  • 16d
    Figured Id ask here too. I was trying to replicate JABrules' samus script, but forward air keeps crashing. I think its related to how SmashCommand tries to correct my text, but Im not certain. Do you know anything I could try?
  • 2mo
    jugeeya avatar
    jugeeya Offline
    Member Joined 3mo
    You're awesome haha, great idea for a post. But hey, don't tell them to use 0x10000083 for general changes, because then they'll get confused when it doesn't work for some characters. I've found that 0x100000AC works really well for most except Bayonetta (because it governs her side b effects or something), and 0x1000008A for Bayonetta herself. The actual list I use in my "Training Mode Only" version of my modpack (which I'm gonna release later today) is different so I can vouch only for this, as I've tested all of them so far:

    I assume AC should work for basically everyone though.
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  • 2mo
    Mario and Sonic Guy avatar
    Mario and Sonic Guy See ya later!
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    I should probably mention something in regards to the special hitbox coding. There's a value named FacingRestrict, which basically affects how the hitbox sends a fighter flying.

    When set to 0x0, the fighter will be sent flying, based on which side of the hitbox he/she gets hit on.

    Setting the FacingRestrict value to 0x3 causes the hitbox to always send fighters flying in the direction that the attacker is facing.

    Setting the FacingRestrict value to 0x4 causes the hitbox to send fighters flying in the opposite direction that the attacker is facing. Based on what I've seen with my moveset editing work, that value is typically used for back aerial hitboxes.
    Texture & Moveset Editor
  • 2mo
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    Please keep updating this. This is the best thing.
  • 2mo
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    someone really needs to make a video or tutorial on step by step creating these single slot effects
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Single Slot Movesets
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Change On Input
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Variable Research
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Variable Research


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