Sper easy Counter Strike 1.6 Guns skin creating !

A Tutorial for Counter-Strike 1.6

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Before we can begin note taht that i didnt created program ! this program isn't for skining but i founded super easy way to do it with this program ! So lets start !

  1. Download Half Life : model viewer           link here : http://www15.zippyshare.com/v/2yvSC8ii/file.html
  2. Extract .rar archieve to where ever you want .
  3. Open folder called hlmviewer (you just extracted)
  4. In this folder (hlmviewer) you will see 5 more folders but open only folder called "install".
  5. there you will see hlmv.exe
  6. Open "hlmv.exe"
  7. while in you are in program press  >File< then >Load Model<.
  8. Select your gun model. (example: p_ak47.mdl) and click open.
  9. then program will render you that model.
  10. dwon below you will see few more buttons (Render;Sequence;Body;Texture;FullScreen;) select "texture".
  11. then you will see taht you are automaticly selected "wood.bmp"
  12. Click on "export" button near that "wood.bmp"
  13. Select folder where you want to export it and name it "wood" and press "Save" button
  14. then again you are in program... Now select other .bmp file from program and export it... do taht with all .bmp files !
  15. Open every single  .bmp files with any of pictures editing programs (Example : Paint.NET ; Gimp 2.0 etc...) and just paint what ever you want or just make solid color.
  16. then save files
  17. Then open hlmviewer program again and go to "textures".
  18. then press "Import"  button and select one of your .bmp files (They have math ! example : wood.bmp to wood.bmp (modificated))
  19. do that with all .bmp then press "Save Model" button and select folder where you want to save your modificated gun model and save it !
 after that you can previw with same program !!! just by presing "Render" button

                   and there you go you have your skin !
If you need help just add post under this tutorial or  sent me PM !


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    Good, but I think it would be better to make up a tutorial with images ; )


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    Wasteland Rebels

    1- download standalone/solokiller's model viewer, its better
    2- decompile the models to make texture size bigger (dont forget to fix uv)
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    Nice, just dont go overtop right green/red




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