[Guide] How to Install Mods for Smash 3DS

A Tutorial for Super Smash Bros. For Nintendo 3DS

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So yeah. Not many people asked other people on how to install mods. Some people follow outdated videos on Youtube and ends up bricking their 3DS or so. So, here's a guide for dummies like you.

If you're 3DS is not modded and below firmware 11.4, please follow this guide to install CFW on your 3DS. DO IT PROPERLY! If your 3DS is updated to 11.5, you're screwed.
Come back here once you're done modding your 3DS.


  • Modded 3DS with Luma CFW
  • Super Smash Bros for Nintendo 3DS
  • SaltySD's code.ips
  • A Mod that you want to install
  • Smash Selector(Optional)


  1. Open Luma Configuration by holding Select while pressing the Power button
  2. Check "Enable game patching" and then hit Start to boot up to the menu screen
  3. Power off your 3DS and insert your SD Card to your computer

Installing SaltySD(No Smash Selector):

  1. On your SD Card, open luma folder and create a new folder called "titles" and then create a folder and name it after your game's ID:
    US: 00040000000EDF00
    EUR: 00040000000EE000

    JP: A0040000000B8B00
  2. Paste the code.ips to the folder
  3. Make sure the name should be "code" and not "saltysd-code"

Installing SaltySD(Smash Selector):

Just follow this guide for Smash Selector(I don't usually use Smash Selector as it kinda messed up the mods that I installed. Sorry)

Installing Mods:

  1. Download a specific mod that you like here on Gamebanana(Wii U sounds would work for 3DS but you have to rename them), GBATemp(mainly this one and this one), or other sites.
  2. If the mod contains a model folder or other folders, place them inside smash folder and you're done.
  3. If the mod doesn't contains a model folder or something, create a new folder. Here are the directories for characters:Low Poly Models:saltysd\smash\model\fighter\<japanese names of the fighter>\body\c0x <-- change x to 0-7High Poly Models:saltysd\smash\model\fighter\<japanese names of the fighter>\body\h0x <-- change x to 0-7
  4. For musics and sounds, here's the directory:saltysd\smash\sound\bgm(background music), se(sound effects), vc(voice clips)
  5. Inject your SD Card and then insert to your 3DS
  6. Open Smash 3DS and wait for it to load(some modpacks like UsM-eM, Neos, and Turbo'd will load too slow when you first install them)
  7. Enjoy!


  • Luma Config: select Enable Game Patching
  • SaltySD bin or ips should be named code
  • Placement: luma\titles\<gameID>\
  • gameID:
    US: 00040000000EDF00
    EUR: 00040000000EE000

    JP: A0040000000B8B00


Q: Are these mods Wifi-Safe?
A: Most mods are Wifi-Safe. Modpacks like UsM-eM, Neos, or Turbo'd or custom stages like Sector Z or Metal Cavern are not Wifi-Safe. But if your friend have modded 3DS and installed the same mods as yours, you can play with it as long as it's not For Fun and For Glory.

Q: Does SaltySD supports 1.1.7?
A: Well. It should unless you bought yourself the last 3 DLC Amiibos and use them. If there's an issue, use this instead(credits to M-1).

Q: HELP! I'm using Smash Selector and I can't see my mods!
A: Please check your saltysd folder and make sure that the folder should be "smash" folder instead of smash1 or whatever.

Q: The game froze/crash!
A: Try removing the ui folder. Some reported that the cause of the froze could be UI. So deleting them would work. For mods without UI, that's likely unknown. Try deleting everything inside smash folder and install them back.

Q: There's a weird black outline on the character. How to fix it?
A: These "black outlines" on imported characters is the edge.mbn. To remove it, download this one and place it on c0x or h0x(change x to 0-7).

Q: Hmm? On Team Battle, I can't tell which one is my teammate when I'm using an import. Help.
A: edge.mbn is responsible for the outlines and team colors. It's merely impossible to edit edge.mbn's model for now.

Q: I wanted to add these mods in my modpack!
A: You could as long as you asked permission to the creator of the mod. There are several mods added here without permission to the creators. In the end, these modpacks will get deleted for not asking permission.

Q: Can I post someone's mod from GBATemp to Gamebanana?
A: NO! That's considered stealing. If you asked permission to the creator or you ARE the creator in a different name, you should(with proof like say something on GBATemp).

Q: Can you link me to nudes for Smash 3DS?
A: NO!

Q: Is it safe for me and my opponent who use the same stage import on For Glory?
A: Not sure. But don't try to use one imported stage for online. Not all have hacked 3DS. You might get into trouble.

Q: Can we use Neos/UsM-eM's skins and sounds online?
A: Sure! But you have to delete the anim folder or anything that is edited.

There are plenty of questions about installing mods or whatnot. Anyways, enjoy using them. :)

If you want Model Import or Texture Hack, don't ask here. Go here.


  • 12d
    Can you please add the saltySD file for the EU version of 1.1.7 as the 1.1.6 version isn't working for me as i need to update the game to play online
    Edge Lord 101
  • 2mo
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    iTEK Offline
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    Is there a tutorial on how to patch characters for 3ds?
  • 2mo
    Cylush avatar
    Cylush Offline
    Member Joined 2mo
    Alright, so I'm following the no smash selector part of the guide, trying to install a texture mod that has both model and ui folders. I put the model and ui folders in saltysd/smash, saltysd being on the root. The code.ips is in the titleid folder. I am on the most recent updates of B9S and Luma3DS. Everything seems to be correct, yet I still crash every time I load the game with patching enabled.
    I had someone look at the dump files from the crash for me, and they said they were not from an issue with luma/b9s.
    Could anyone provide insight to my problem?
  • 3mo
    how do i do this with 1.1.7?
  • 3mo
    I have a old version of luma and boot 9 strap and I did the tutorial without smash selector and the game crashed every time it wouldn't launch any help I got so close ;(
  • 3moEdited 3mo
    One1ovesJp avatar
    One1ovesJp Offline
    Member Joined 4mo
    113 points Ranked 26362nd
    Well, I encountered a weird problem, some characters with and without texture mods, crash the game during the stage select screen. So far those characters are; Marth, Rosalina, Link, and I think DK also. (I still have more to check, most of them are without mods.)

    I do not have stage mods, or any ui mods, they (ui mods) don't seem to be the problem, however....

    I'm running on the latest Luma nighty (enable game patching is on)

    I got rid of Smash-selector long time ago. Since I only have one mod pack.

    I tried both the code.IPS & the code.bin from the FAQ section for 1.1.7, those characters still don't work. (Currently using the .bin)

    I never had any problems with modding before 1.1.7. Its kinda frustrating lol.  Anyway, anybody has any suggestions on what might be the problem here?  I can post more info if needed.  Also, wondering if anyone else has the same problem... :/

    Edit: THANKS FOR ANY HELP, lol.


    SSB4 ~ Lucina, & Villager
  • 3mo
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    Is there a list of the filenames for the music files? I would normally just check with smashcustommusic, but it's been down for quite some time...


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SaltySD 1.1.7 code.bin
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Removed edge.mbn
Smash Selector
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