[Guide] How to Install Mods for Smash 3DS

A Tutorial for Super Smash Bros. (3DS)


  • Addition ModMoon
  • Removal Smash Selector
  • Addition FAQ
  • Addition Video(for those who hate reading :D)
  • Addition MacOS users will love the fix
Update #5: 11d
  • Addition SaltySD Template

Well. The template is incomplete. But at least it will help you to place the mods in the right place.

Update #4: 9mo
So yeah. Not many people asked other people on how to install mods. Some people follow outdated videos on Youtube and ends up bricking their 3DS or so. So, here's a guide for dummies like you.

Note: Installing Smash 3DS Mods is the same for other games with SaltySD support but in a different directory.
Example is Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon:
Just read the PATCHING.md

(Outdated Disclaimer)
If you're 3DS is not modded and below firmware 11.4, please follow this guide to install CFW on your 3DS. DO IT PROPERLY! If your 3DS is updated to 11.6, you're screwed unless you own a compatible flashcart for NTRBoot Method or a friend who have CFW so that you could do the Seedminer Method. Follow the guide for Seedminer and follow the guide for NTRBoot(if you already own a compatible flashcart).

 If you have CFW and on 11.6 onwards, you can proceed to this guide.
(NEW Disclaimer)
If you're 3DS is not modded, please follow this guide to install CFW on your 3DS. DO IT PROPERLY!
Come back here once you're done modding your 3DS.

1. Requirements:

  • Modded 3DS with Luma CFW
  • Super Smash Bros for Nintendo 3DS
  • SaltySD's code.ips
  • A Mod that you want to install
  • Smash Selector(Optional)
  • ModMoon(Optional)

2. Preparing:

  1. Open Luma Configuration by holding Select while pressing the Power button
  2. Check "Enable game patching" and then hit Start to boot up to the menu screen
  3. Power off your 3DS and insert your SD Card to your computer

3. Installing SaltySD(No Smash Selector):

  1. On your SD Card, open luma folder and create a new folder called "titles" and then create a folder and name it after your game's ID:
    US: 00040000000EDF00
    EUR: 00040000000EE000

    JP: A0040000000B8B00
  2. Paste the code.ips to the folder
  3. Make sure the name should be "code" and not "saltysd-code"

4. Installing SaltySD(Smash Selector(Obsolete)):

Note: I know that Smash Selector is obsolete. I highly recommend you Smash Selector users to uninstall that and install its successor, ModMoon.
Just follow this guide(GBATemp) or this guide(Gamebanana) for Smash Selector.
I'm not a Smash Selector user. I did try it out before. It's a nice app though. Highly recommended to those New 3DS(both New 3DS and New 3DS XL) user cause you don't like to unscrew the back cover the whole time you tried to install a mod. :)

5. Installing SaltySD(ModMoon):

Just follow this guide for ModMoon.
It's easier for you guys to install SaltySD. If any concerns, visit the Smash 3DS Hacking Server.
(Please don't DM me for asking for the server. You can find those there. Check FAQ)

6. Installing Mods:

  1. Download a specific mod that you like here on Gamebanana(Wii U sounds would work for 3DS but you have to rename them), GBATemp(mainly this one and this one), or other sites.
  2. If the mod contains a model folder or other folders, place them inside smash folder and you're done.
  3. If the mod doesn't contains a model folder or something, create a new folder. Here are the directories for characters:
    Low Poly Models:
    saltysd\smash\model\fighter\<japanese names of the fighter>\body\c0x <-- change x to 0-7
    High Poly Models:
    saltysd\smash\model\fighter\<japanese names of the fighter>\body\h0x <-- change x to 0-7
  4. For musics and sounds, here's the directory:
    saltysd\smash\sound\bgm(background music), se(sound effects), vc(voice clips)
  5. Eject your SD Card and then insert to your 3DS
  6. Open Smash 3DS and wait for it to load(some modpacks like UsM-eM, Neos, and Turbo'd will load too slow when you first install them, depending on the type of SD card you use)
  7. Enjoy!
But since people have a hard time understanding things, here's an example.
I'll use N64 Mario as an example(this might get updated or trashed in the future).
If you look at the ZIP file, you can tell that it's not in its right folder which won't load the mod properly.

All you have to do is create a folder and name it model in smash folder.
Then, create another folder inside model folder and name it fighter.
Then, create another folder inside fighter folder and name it mario. (Case sensitive. No CAPS in the name)
Then, create another folder inside mario folder and name it body.
Lastly, drag c05 and h05 in the body folder.

All you have to do is create a folder and name it ui in smash folder.
Then, create another folder inside ui folder and name it replace.
Then, create another folder inside replace folder and name it chr.
Then, create five folders inside chr folder and name them:
  • chr_00
  • chr_20
  • stock_00
  • stock_90
Lastly, drag chr_00_Mario_06.tex to the chr_00 folder and vice versa.

Note: If you don't want to make folders, you could download the template.

7. Recap:

  • Luma Config: select Enable Game Patching
    Ignore the rest of the option that I checked. Plus, I haven't updated Luma yet. ONLY check Enable Game Patching
  • SaltySD bin or ips should be named code
  • Placement:
    US: luma\titles\0004000000EDF00\code.ips
    EUR: luma\titles\0004000000EE000\code.ips
    JP: luma\titles\A004000000B8B00\code.ips

8. Video:

I realized that there are some people who don't like reading guides. So I made this video to address the confusion. Yes. I sent this video to Ditto to support his channel and content.

I recommend you guys to go subscribe to him for Smash 3DS content. :)

9. FAQ:

Q: Are these mods Wifi-Safe?
A: Most mods are Wifi-Safe. Modpacks like UsM-eM, Neos, or Turbo'd or custom stages like Sector Z or Metal Cavern are not Wifi-Safe. But if your friend have modded 3DS and installed the same mods as yours, you can play with it as long as it's not For Fun and For Glory.

Q: Does SaltySD supports 1.1.7?
A: Yes.

Q: Does SaltySD supports on firmware 11.9?
A: Yes.

Q: HELP! I'm using Smash Selector/ModMoon and I can't see my mods!
A: Please check your saltysd folder and make sure that the folder should be "smash" folder instead of smash1/Slot_1 or whatever.

Q: The game froze/crash!
A: There are ways to fix those crashes:
-Try removing the ui folder. Some reported that the cause of the froze could be UI. So deleting them would work. For mods without UI, that's likely unknown. Try deleting everything inside smash folder and install them back.
-There are also reports that their SD Card is not good. Make sure your SD Card have FAT32 and Speed Class 10.
-Some mods here tend to crash on European version. It's just SaltySD European code.ips being buggy.

Q: There's a weird black outline on the character. How to fix it?
A: These "black outlines" on imported characters is the edge.mbn. To remove it, download this one and place it on c0x or h0x(change x to 0-7) or modify your own.
Also, download this 1KB edge.mbn to reduce storage space.

Q: Hmm? On Team Battle, I can't tell which one is my teammate when I'm using an import. Help.
A: edge.mbn is responsible for the outlines and team colors. It's merely impossible to edit edge.mbn's model for now.

Q: I wanted to add these mods in my modpack!
A: You could as long as you asked permission to the creator of the mod. There are several mods added here without permission to the creators. In the end, these modpacks will get deleted for not asking permission.

Q: Can I post someone's mod from GBATemp to Gamebanana?
A: NO! That's considered stealing. as If you asked permission to the creator or you ARE the creator in a different name, you should(with proof like say something on GBATemp). Also, if you post someone's mod, make sure you set as REDISTRIBUTOR.

Q: Can you link me to nudes for Smash 3DS?
A: NO!

Q: Is it safe for me and my opponent who use the same stage import on For Glory?
A: Not sure. But don't try to use one imported stage with modified collision online. You might get into trouble.

Q: Can we use Neos/UsM-eM's skins and sounds online?
A: Sure! But you have to delete the anim folder or anything that is edited like param and animCMD.

Q: Will this work on older versions like 1.1.4 or 1.0.0?
A: No. SaltySD only support the latest version.

Q: Can I use Wii U's .nud and .nut to the 3DS?
A: No because they're using different format. If you want to play Wii U imports on the 3DS, you should make a request and let someone port it to the 3DS.

Q: When I try to add c08/h08 or more for additional costume, it won't work.
A: You need to modify ui_character_db.bin and extend the costume slot to make it work.

Q: I download a mod and it doesn't work!
A: There are alot of reasons why it doesn't work. Most notably, you didn't install the mod right as some mods don't have the right directory or missing a folder. Others have the folder with captial word like Smash or Luigi. Files are case sensitive. Some folders have to be lowercase.

Q: I made a folder called <insert name> in the fighter folder and it didn't work. It's over <insert existing Smash 4 fighter name>.
A: You cannot make custom names in the fighter folder or the mod will not work. For example, if you name "Grand Dad" instead of "Mario", of course it won't work. Also, this is NOT how you get additional character slots.

Q: HELP! I'm using MacOS and my mods are not working!
A: Follow this!

There are plenty of questions about installing mods or whatnot. Anyways, enjoy using them. :)

If you want Model Import or Texture Hack, don't ask here. Go here.

Also, I got DM from someone for asking where the Discord server is. So for both PC and mobile users, here's where you can find the Discord server:

Click this blue button and it will show the Discord link.

Thank you!
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  • So what do you mean by 
    1. If the mod contains a model folder or other folders, place them inside smash folder and you're done.? Because I downloaded and put in all my mods inside the folder, like lucinaolivia and it has the folders inside yet it's not showing up, do I still need to put the .txt files in their right place or what?
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  • Jasonn600 avatar
    Jasonn600 Joined 2mo ago
    Will this work on 11.9.0-42U with CFW and cartridge?
    Will it effect my cartridge? Make Smash Bros not work?
    Can you please make a video tutorial? Thanks.
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  • xtremerage avatar
    xtremerage Joined 2mo ago
    i have a crash dump when i boot smash

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  • So in regards to characters, do I have to create both a high and low poly folder? I don't know how to which I have.
    Bananite avatar
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  • Um, I got a crash dump can anyone help?
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  • I don't want to download a mod, I want to make one.
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    I'm getting an "An exception occurred" screen after the smash title screen :/ Im on an old 3ds 11.8, smash is 1.1.7.
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  • AxZelJibanyan avatar
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    142 points Ranked 59989th
    Uhmmm. Halp. 
    I updated my Smash 3DS to 1.1.7 from 1.1.6
    I updated because code.ips don't really work on Fixing most model crashes. 

    Now that I have updated it, my Smash 3DS is on 1.1.7 but it stopped reading mods. 
    I happened to fix it, it reads my mods ( I put tr4sh text mods, so I noticed it reads the mod )  but the game then tells me it can't read the update file, I need to update in order to have my save file working, asking with options nop and okey. Then I restored back to 1.1.6, same problem. 
    I only have two options now, either use mods but not using my save data and the Update, 


    Use my Save Data and the Update but no mods. 

    I got the mods working or not depending on the code_sections inside luma, Removing Code_sections make the game works the very usual way/no mods. 
    The other one is putting the Code_sections, reads the mods, but not the update. 
    AxZelJibanyan Anims
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  • iOnyx7 avatar
    iOnyx7 Joined 8mo ago
    Ok, So i did everything correctly, even watched the video to be sure that i did it correctly and still crash, i have 2 hours doing this process with a bunch of mods, and always crash. so, since i saw everyone uses the digital version, might me my cartridge the problem?  so you cant mod the cartridge or what? cuz i know i' not doing anything wrong, even tried the no ui stuff, and still. so i need a digital version or i need another thing?  
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    I've been having an issue where a skin only works in group mode, but not solo. Any known fixes?
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