How to make a 3D Floor

A Tutorial for Doom II: Hell on Earth

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Hello! Today we are going to learn how to make 3D floors in Doom Builder 2!

I think that everybody knows how to create a sector... If you don't know how to create a sector, this is not the tutorial for you.

To start up with, go to FILE and then select New Map...

And then, instead of selecting the Doom 2 format, select the ZDoom (Doom in Hexen format)

Hexen format is even more complex than the Doom 2 format, but with the hexen format, you can do things that you can't do in the Doom 2 format (Advanced elevators, Slopes, 3D floors...)

Draw a sector, and inside the sector you drawed, draw a small sector, and you should get somthing like this:

Select the small sector using Sectors Mode, and use the right button of your mouse to open the properties of the sector and then click New Tag:

Then, a little appart from the sectors that you created, create a dummy sector:

Select the dummy sector using sectors mode and change the floor height and the ceiling height like this: 

Select one of the linedefs of the dummy sector and press the right button of your mouse and a new window will open:

Change the action number to 160, to make it a 3d floor and the sector tag change it to 1 (1 is the number that we give to the 2nd sector that we made), change the type to 1 and change the alpha to 255:

And then press OK and we are done, now test it and you will see that it works! Oh, i almost forgot, dont forget to add a player start!


My first tutorial, thanks for viewing!


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