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Using Haxchi to Load Sm4sh Mods (5.5.2 & 5.5.1) - A Tutorial for Super Smash Bros. (Wii U).

1. Introduction

Haxchi lets you load the thing that loads mods into your game (SDCafiine). It also does other things, but I want to keep this guide simple.

This guide will have some steps that are different for users on Wii U firmwares 5.5.1 and 5.5.2. Check your Wii U firmware version in your Wii U's system settings in the top right corner.

2. Requirements

  • An SD card of any size formatted to FAT32 (not exFAT). Google how to do this. If your SD card is 64GB or larger, use this tool to format it on Windows, or Google it for other systems.
  • Some way of putting files on your SD card.
  • Money to buy an exploitable DS Virtual Console game from the eShop. The game must be from the eShop.
  • A working gamepad.

3. Setting up Haxchi


3.2. SD card setup

  1. Drag the haxchi and wiiu folders from the Haxchi .zip file to your SD card.
  2. Drag the wiiu folder from the Homebrew Launcher .zip file to your SD card.
  3. Drag the wiiu folder from the nnupatcher .zip file to your SD card.
  4. Drag the wiiu folder from the SDCaffine .zip file to  your SD card.
  5. Recommended: Drag the modified config.txt to the haxchi folder on the root of your SD card, if you downloaded it.
  6. Create a folder named sdcafiine on the root of your SD card.

3.3. Acquiring an exploitable DS VC game

3.3.1. Wii U 5.5.2 Users

If you don't know what step 1 is, skip it and go to step 2. 
If you don't wanna get rid of your DNS settings, use nnu-patcher.

  1. If you have custom DNS set to block updates, go to System Settings -> Internet -> Connect to the Internet -> Press X -> Tap your connection -> Change Settings -> Move right and tap DNS -> Select Auto Obtain.
  2. Unplug any USB storage devices from your Wii U.
  3. Open the eShop.
  4. Buy one of the games listed on this page. Make sure your USB storage devices are not plugged in. The game needs to be installed to the system memory.

3.3.2. Wii U 5.5.1 Users

  1. Unplug any USB storage devices from your Wii U.
  2. Insert your SD card into your Wii U.
  3. On your Wii U's browser, go to
  4. In the dropdown menu, select Homebrew Launcher 1.4 and submit.
  5. In the Homebrew Launcher, find the NNU Patcher app and load it. It should send you back to the Home menu.
  6. Open the eShop.
  7. Buy one of the games listed on this page. Make sure your USB storage devices are not plugged in. The game needs to be installed to the system memory.

If you have trouble downloading the game because of the 5.5.2 update trying to download (or just having the custom DNS set), try the following steps:
  1. Go to the Download Management on your Wii U.
  2. If it's stuck on pending download, unplug the device from the back (while the Wii U is still on, this is safe) and wait at least 10 seconds.
  3. Plug it back in and start the device again.
  4. Go back to Download Management and it should start downloading properly.
If these steps still don't work, try random things involving pausing/unpausing the download, unplugging, restarting, running nnu patcher, etc. Also check the comments of this guide to see what others did that worked.

3.4. Installing Haxchi

This process installs Haxchi into the DS VC game, so you won't be able to play that DS VC game until you uninstall it from the system and redownload it, but doing that will get rid of Haxchi too.

  1. Follow the instructions in this Google Doc to access the Homebrew Launcher.
  2. In the Homebrew Launcher (blue background with bubbles), find the Haxchi Installer app and load it.
  3. At the black screen with white text, select the DS game to install Haxchi over and press A.
  4. Press A again after reading the next message. Haxchi should finish installing.

After this, you never have to run the exploit again. Hail Haxchi!

3.5. Placing mods on SD card

3.5.1. Personal modpack (Sm4shExplorer)

I have released updates for Sm4shExplorer that allow you to use Send to SD/USB for super simple placement of mod files on the SD card.
  1. Download the latest Sm4shExplorer here. If you already have the latest version, go to step 3.
  2. Since you probably already have an older version of Sm4shExplorer, go in the downloaded folder and drag the new Sm4shFileExplorer.exe to your existing Sm4shExplorer folder. Say yes to replace.
  3. Open Sm4shExplorer and go to Project -> Send to SD/USB.
  4. This will ask you if you want to name the modpack. Give the modpack a name. This allows you to have more than one modpack on your SD card.

3.5.2. Downloaded modpack

If you downloaded a modpack from the Internet, you're likely gonna have to do this manually since most modpacks don't have the correct structure.

  1. Create a folder named sdcafiine on the root of your SD card.
  2. In the sdcafiine folder, create a folder depending on your game region:
    US: 0005000010144F00
    EU/PAL: 0005000010145000
    JP: 0005000010110E00
  3. In the new folder from step 2, create a folder with any name you want (the name of the modpack). This allows you to have more than one modpack on your SD card.
  4. In the new folder from step 3, create a folder named content.
  5. Look at the modpack you downloaded. Go through the folders until you find where the patch folder is.
  6. Highlight the patch folder, and the movie and sound folders if they are there too.
  7. Drag the above folders to the content folder you created in step 4 on your SD card.

3.6. Running mods with Haxchi

Your SD card must be inserted in your Wii U with your mods on it.

3.6.1. Default Haxchi

  1. Tap the Haxchi icon on your Home menu.
  2. In the Homebrew Launcher, find and load the SDCafiine app.
  3. A white screen with the Wii U icon will show, then it will exit back to the main menu.
  4. Run Smash and enjoy your mods!

3.6.2. My modified config.txt

  1. Tap the Haxchi icon on your Home menu.
  2. A white screen with the Wii U icon will show, then it will exit back to the main menu.
  3. Run Smash and enjoy your mods!

4. Setting up custom DNS

Seriously don't skip this if you haven't done it already. It takes 2 minutes. You don't want another 5.5.2 fiasco to hit you. And if you don't do it, I will know, and I will find you. Though I would recommend only doing this after buying the DS VC game.
  1. Turn off your router or unplug your Wii U's LAN adapter or disable whatever method your Wii U is using to connect to the internet. You can skip this if you're already on 5.5.2.
  2. Turn on your Wii U and go to the System Settings.
  3. Go to "Internet".
  4. Go to "Connect to the Internet".
  5. Press "X" to show your current connections.
  6. For the connection(s) you use, do the following:
  • Select the connection.
  • Select "Change Settings".
  • Move to the right and select "DNS".
  • Select "Don't Auto-obtain".
  • Of the two following addresses, set the closest to you as the Primary DNS, and the other as the Secondary DNS:
  • Los Angeles, USA:
  • Alblasserdam, NL:
  • Select "Confirm", then press "B" to save.

5. Notes

5.1. Keep those files on your SD card

  • NNU Patcher allows you to access the eShop while keeping your DNS settings active.
  • The Haxchi installer allows you to change the config.txt if you want (advanced).
  • The Homebrew Launcher allows you to run homebrew apps like SDCafiine, which is used to load mods into Sm4sh.

5.2. Uninstalling Haxchi

If you ever want to uninstall Haxchi, just delete the DS VC game from the system memory. You can then reinstall the DS VC game from the eShop (use nnupatcher if you have the custom DNS).

5.3. Modified Haxchi config.txt

It makes Haxchi run SDcafiine by default so you don't have to select it in Homebrew Launcher. It saves you a click. You can also hold A while launching Haxchi to run the Homebrew Launcher, and hold B to apply sigpatch (advanced).

Advanced: if you want to edit the config.txt to your liking, modify the file and then run the Haxchi installer again. Do not delete the DS VC game or Haxchi. Just run the installer again.
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    I have the latest version of Sm4shFileExplorer (v0.07.4) but I don't have a "Send to SD/USB" option.
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