How to make a character shiny using specular maps

A Tutorial for Super Smash Bros. For Nintendo 3DS

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You only need to edit one texture to make your characters shiny.The specular map or spc for short,the spc texture tells the game how the light on a stage reacts to a character.Anyway I'll use r.o.b to show you how this works also I am gonna be using photoshop for this tutorial .PS (if you don't know how to make skins and custom textures check out this tutorial made by Andrew Oshawott.)

Now today I'll be going over the different stuff you can do with this texture since it can also be used for other things that you might find useful.
Such as,adding colored shine to parts or the whole character,removing the shine from parts or from the whole character,and making a character more,or less shiny.
(Also I don't know if this works for all characters so please
tell me if any character doesn't have the spc texture)

Making character shiny.
Anyway let's get on with it,so now all you have to do with the spc (*Important* There's two of them a low _spc and a high _spc and you should do both,I'm doing the high_spc for these examples.) is use the brush tool and brush over the texture with white or any other color.Now this is kinda important make sure you have an opacity of about 40 or so and then start brushing and brush over it as many times as you want,the more you brush over it the better it'll show up in game something like this should be good
it will look something like this in game .

Making colored shiny characters
Anyway to add a colored shine to a character is pretty much exactly the same just with a color in this case I will use red .So just grab your color and brush over the texture a couple of times again the more you brush over it the better it'll show up in game.This is how it should appear in game

(I didn't show it,but to make a part of a character shiny such as the hair and such you just need to brush over the part of the spc texture that you want shiny in game)

Making characters not shiny 
To make part of a character not shiny or the entire character not shiny,just use the brush with the black color and brush over the part of the texture you want non reflective.No pics because it doesn't really show up well on rob but it'll look better on characters like samus or megaman.
Tips and other things
This also works on model imports,so go wild!

Depending on the stage the shine on a character will appear more,
basically in darker stages the shine on a character will appear well,and appear worse on brighter stages.

Some parts of a character will be more shiny in game then the other parts of the character.

Some characters react differently to light then others and sometimes the spc will appear brighter or duller depending on the character

Also some characters have multiple spcs for things like the sword, horns,sometimes eyes,etc.These control the way light effects those parts of the character so I also recommend editing them too.

That's basically it so thanks for reading my tutorial.



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