How to set diffrent scope each weapon

A Tutorial for Counter-Strike 1.6

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Hello badasses, before time i was thinking about is it possible to set diffrent scope each weapon like AWP to get diffrent scope than
Scout, lel i continue search but i was think is impossible until the day when i searching at sprites and i found the answer... Yes its posslble but i didnt found any weapon that use this function soo i was think the peoples doesn't know about it.. and here i will share with you the answer :].
  • First you need to have any resources like crosshair sprites
  • Go to cstrike/sprites and open weapon_any.txt that is using scope
    for example we will choose weapon_awp.txt
  • You can find of the last lines zoom and zoom_autoaim
  • By default is sniper_scope, that means sniper_scope.spr
  • If you already have .spr with same name, just rename it like awp_sniper_scope.spr
  • And let's back on txt file. Replace the sniper_scope with awp_sniper_scope

    Enjoy the diffrent scopes each weapons XD

    -=How to add scope to half zoomable weapons=-

    As half zoomable weapons i mean the Aug and SG552
  • As i said before, you need to have crosshair
  • Go to cstrike/sprites and open weapon_aug.txt or weapon_ssg552.txt
  • Get to last line and type zoom, and on next line zoom_autoaim
  • Let's define the sprite name, on both add [b640 sniper_scope 0 0 256 256[/b] on sniper_scope rename as your sprite name. The result must be anything like this :
    zoom 640 sniper_scope 0 0 256 256
    zoom_autoaim 640 sniper_scope 0 0 256 256
  • Get to the game and enjoy your new scopes to aug and ssg552 ^_^

    This tutorial works only on weapons : Aug, SSG552, AWP, Scout, SSG550, G3SG1
    I hope this tutorial was useful, you can support me by donate via steam items :] 
You can support me by donate via items on steam. ^^


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