How to add content without replace cstrike folder

A Tutorial for Counter-Strike 1.6

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Update #01 - Variants of folders
  • Added 2 variants of folders
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Spys Cr3ed

Its allowed to be paste in another sites just add my name as Spy's Cr3ed

Hello everyone, this is my first tutorial i hope it will be useful. I search alot time how can i add custom skins, maps
or something without replace the origins from folder "cstrike" but no result. After a few hours tests and trying i found a way that you can have moddable and original version. This works only in steam version. Lets just start..

-=Variant 1=-
  • First you need to have folder "cstrike_hd" if during downloading a game you doesn't have it just make one
  • If you already have it you can delete all stuff in it as "models" and "gfx"
  • Now when we have a clear folder called "cstrike_hd" we can put our stuff here like .cfg-s, models, sounds, sprites and etc...
  • Start the game and get to Options > Video > Enable HD models if available
  • Im not sure but if you dont get any result after start a game you better restart
-=Variant 2=-
  • First you need to make folder "cstrike_addon", not 'addons' as i miss before ^_^
  • After this you put the content as .cfg-s, models, sounds, sprites and etc..
  • Then you start game and get to Options > Video > Allow custom addon content
  • And maybe you need to restart the game... that's is

I'm sorry for my bad language, and if this tutorial is already post
but as i search i didnt found.

You need to know this tutorial is working on every GoldSrc game that you have on steam because of the newer updates on engine and etc.. just rename 'cstrike' as game name like 'valve_hd' or 'valve_addon'

You can support me by donate via items on steam.



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Spys Cr3ed
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Write the tutorial


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Spys Cr3ed Get out i sleep
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Spys Cr3ed
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