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Jack Of All Trades

A Tutorial for Day of Defeat: Source

Hey guys, here a quick guide on how to achieve the Jack of All Trades achievement.

Downloading the easy map
The map I use for this achievement is an orange map. 
Download HERE! [] Thanks @Einar for a better link.
Install the files in your /steam/steamapps/common/Day of Defeat Source/dod/maps folder.

The console commands
The commands that you will need, in order of use are:
sv_cheats 1
mp_limitteams 20
mp_teams_unbalance_limit 30
bot_zombie 1
bot -class 0
bot -class 1
bot -class 2
bot -class 3
bot -class 4
bot -class 5
sv_cheats 0

Once installed the map files do the following:
1. Launch Day of Defeat: Source
2. Press Create Server
3. Choose the map
4. Set Max Players to 32, 0 warmup, 120 minutes play time
5. Start the local server
6. Once server is loaded join the Allied Team
7. Now insert the console commands one by one.
8. Once you typed "retry" in console, choose the Wehrmacht/Axis Team > Support class
9. Walk to the Allied Team spawn
10. Kill the guy with the Machine Gun and take his gun
11. Kill the guy with the Sniper Rifle with it and take his gun
12. Kill the guy with the Rifle (M1 Garand) with it and take his gun
13. Kill the guy with the SubMachineGun (Thompson) with it and take his gun
14. Kill the guy with the SupportRiffle (BAR) with it and take his gun
15. Kill a guy with it and now prepare your shovel
16. Stab an Allied Player ONCE from the front 
17. Throw one of your Grenades right at his feet and watch it explode
18. If everything went well, once the Allied Player dies from the Grenade, you should receive the Jack of All Trades achievement!


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