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DOD:S Sniper tips

A Tutorial for Day of Defeat: Source

Internet settings
So, before you start sniping you should really get some good internet settings? How are you going to kill people when they don't even die from your shots?
Here's some good internet settings:
cl_cmdrate "101"
cl_updaterate "101"
cl_idealpitchscale "0.02"
cl_interp_ratio "0"
cl_interp "0"
cl_interp_all "0"
cl_lagcomp_errorcheck "1"
cl_lagcompensation "1"
cl_pred_optimize "2"
cl_predictweapons "1"
cl_smooth "1"
cl_smoothtime "0.01"
net_maxfragments "1280"
rate "30000"

Paste this into your autoexec.cfg file.
Quickswitching is when you swap from your rifle to a different weapon slot and back.
Next up, I'm gonna tell you the advantages and disadvantages of quickswitching.

It can improve the time it takes to scope out. 
Ever notice how when you take a scoped shot it scopes out super slowly, maybe even causing you death because you can't get out in time from a missed shot?
After you take your shot, do a little quickswith to improve the time it takes to leave the scope greatly.

You may get banned from some servers for this
Old men that don't allow skillful players in their servers ban quickswitching because they think it's cheating or exploiting. They seem to forget that valve patched the bolt pull time being shorter with quickswitching a long time ago.

How do I quickswitch??? 
If you don't already, turn on fast weapon switch. Go to keyboard settings, press advanced options, and then press fast weapon switch (and console if you don't have that on too).
Q is already bound to previous weapon slot, so you can press Q twice very quickly or (other weapon slot) to 1 for a succesful quickswitch.
Shift Scoping
Shift scoping has been out on the internet for a while, but it's actually quite hard to find. Very little people know how to do this.
It can improve the time it takes to scope in from a second or so to almost an instant.
What it does is cancel the animation of scoping and makes it quicker. It works with everything that scopes in (besides rocket and mg)

How can I pull this off? 
Shift is bound to sprint, so if you don't have it bound to that just think of every shift as whatever your key is.
So, when you scope in it's super slow. Press the scope in button, then start sprinting forward, and let go when you scope in finally. Sprinting only works when you press W or W + strafe key (Strafe key is left/right (A or D)).

You may get banned from some servers for this too 
More old men that don't allow skill may insta-ban you if they see you doing this while they spectate you because you're pulling off a sick streak.
Peeking/Holding Angles
Peeking may be difficult, and sometimes get you killed. You gotta think smart for peeking.

Slow peeking 
Slow peeking is when you go around the corner slowly while scoped in. When you do this, watch the corner with your scope. Pay A LOT of attention to what you're looking at. When you see somebody's arms or shoulders around the wall, peek a little bit more and fire as fast as you can. It may even look like you have walls to a 60 year old admin or some 4 year old that got this game 20 minutes ago.

Quick peeking 
Quick peeking to me is peeking very quickly while shift scoping. Cross around the corner and shift scope as quickly as possible and get that shot off. Good for roll outs at the start of the round.

Shoulder peeking 
This is a little like quick peeking.
To me, this is when you put a little bit of your body outside of the corner you're about to peek. Go in go out go in go out go in go out. Wait for them to fire a shot if somebody is holding that angle, then peek out and kill them. Try to be unpredictable, after shoulder peeking a corner for a while, make sure to change your patterns.

How to hold an angle correctly 
Make sure you're in a good position, don't crouch or go prone when you're using sniper. A good position is a super tight corner with a nice amount of cover on one side or both. You're always able to find a tight angle unless you're out in the open with no cover.
Watch the corner very closely with your scope, if another sniper is slow peeking you, you can get the pick on them if you pay close attention to what is happening. If you know somebody's playstyle and maybe what class they are using, watch a little bit away of the corner so you can hit them easier without flicking your mouse too much.
Find a correct sensitivity for you, I can't really help you as it's all down to preference. I use 500 dpi and 1.23 sensitivity with raw input in-game.

Aim high! 
Aim for the torso when using sniper, try not to hit their arms, or feet.
What's my config?
My config has the internet settings listed above. But there's a few other commands you may like in there.
Here's my config:
cl_wpn_sway_scale "0"
cl_forcepreload "1"
cl_gunlowerspeed "999"
fps_max 0
cl_cmdrate "101"
cl_updaterate "101"
cl_idealpitchscale "0.02"
cl_interp_ratio "0"
cl_interp "0"
cl_interp_all "0"
cl_lagcomp_errorcheck "1"
cl_lagcompensation "1"
cl_pred_optimize "2"
cl_predictweapons "1"
cl_smooth "1"
cl_smoothtime "0.01"
net_maxfragments "1280"
rate "30000"
cl_wpn_sway_interp "0"
cl_playerspraydisable 0
mat_monitorgamma_tv_enabled "1"
r_decal_cullsize 1
r_decals 200
r_decalstaticprops 1
r_drawmodeldecals 1
r_drawbatchdecals 1
mp_decals 500
cl_playerspraydisable 0
The end
If you guys have any other tips on how to snipe, tell me! I may have forgotten something.

Have fun sniping!


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