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Ways to accrue points on GameBanana

Points allow you do to many things on GameBanana, such as enabling Unlocks, posting Requests, donating to friends, thanking submitters and more. But how do you earn points?

Earning points is a simple, albeit slow process. The two keys to earning point are Persistence and Participation.

1. Persistence

The easiest way to earn points on GameBanana is to return to the site every day. When you return, you'll receive points. The older your account, the more points you'll receive each day. So, return to the site every day!

2. Participation

There are many forms of participation on GameBanana and they all offer point rewards. Here are a few examples:

2.1. Posting

After you receive your first Exemplary Post, you'll start earning 1 point for every post you make. This can accumulate points pretty quickly if you post regularly each day.

2.2. Submitting

Submitting mods is the most effective way to earn points. You'll receive points on submission, points from thankers, points from raters and points from subscribers. Submitting is the clearest way to earn immediate points.

2.3. Updating Submissions

GameBanana rewards submitters for keeping their submissions up to date. If you back to your old submissions and fix any issues with them you're entitled to submit an update. When you do this, you'll receive points.

3. Other ways to earn points

Here are a few other ways to earn points.

3.1. Fulfilling Requests

Fulfilling open Requests is a potentially lucrative way to earn points. If you have the skills, check out the Requests section for Requests with large, open bounties. When you fulfill the request requirements, you'll receive part or all of its bounty.

3.2. Selling Wares

Do you have any tradable games, items or cards in your STEAM inventory? If you add them to the Wares section at a reasonable point price, you might get a buyer.


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