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Problems and solutions then compiling map - A Tutorial for Counter-Strike 1.6

Common and rare error

Naming Your Map
Your map WILL NOT RUN PROPERLY if you have not named it properly.

There are currently 2 game modes for Natural-Selection; Combat and

Classic. If you are creating a classic NS map then you must name it ns_mymap where "mymap" equals whatever you want to name your map. If you are creating a Combat map then you must name it co_mymap where once again "mymap" is the name of your map.

Warning: === LEAK in hull 0 ===
Leaks can be very frustrating to find and fix but know this: LEAKS


gigantic box around there level, it does resolve the leak temporarily

but it is not a solution. The only real solution to a leak in your map

is to find the hole and close it or cover it.

AllocBlock: Full:
You're out of memory bud. This is also a texture issue. You have most

likely scaled a texture down way too low on a large face, thus,

depleting all available memory. It is a MYTH that a large level creates

this error. Though larger maps are more prone to this error due to it's

nature of course.

Solid Entity "blankety blank" is empty
You have deleted the brush associated with an entity without deleting

the entity assigned to it. This can happen by selecting an existing

brush based entity, and clicking on, "Tie to Entity". A dialog box will

appear, asking if you wish to create a new entity or not. If you select

"No" then you will create this error. You can very easily find and

correct these through the error dialog in hammer, however.


open it up, select the error, click on Go to, close the dialog and hit

the delete key once. You have successfully deleted this empty entity. If

the dialog error isn't helping / working / doesn't show it. Then go to

Map > Entity Report... and painstakingly Go To all of your entities.

If any of them go to the exact center of your map without highlighting a

brush then hit delete once and voila!

Lightmap Error
Go to the texture tool and replace all instances of aaatrig with null.

Replace unused textures. This is an easy one. Just look around. Are you

using a 256 x 256 pixel texture only one time in your map? If so then

replace it. I recommend you use the VHE Texture Replacement tool as this

leaves no doubt that you have eradicated a particular texture from your


Batch Compiler Says: "Line 2 (Or other number) is too long."
Are you trying to compile an RMF? BC only supports .MAP files. In VHE go to File > Export to MAP.

Find the invalid brush. Any imported prefabs, carved brushes, or vertex manipulated brushes should be suspect

Cannot find the file specified error
This usually means you have not properly set-up Hammer. Check the entire

log for any errors prior to this error as they may give you a clue as

to the real problem, here.

Mixed face contents

Entity 0, Brush 12: mixed face contents
Texture ROCK_X1 and SKY
Entity 0, Brush 37: mixed face contents
Texture STEEL_9 and WATER7

In Half-Life, brushes are required to have all faces be of the same type (solid, water, slime, sky, origin).

Fortunately almost all textures are solid. If you put a water texture on one side of a brush which has dirt or steel textures for example, that would generate the error. The engine needs to know what is inside the brush, and it would be real confusing if different types could be put onto the same brush.

The fix is relatively simple. Simply find the offending brush, and then the faces with the inappropriate texture and change it. If a brush uses SKY, all sides must be sky. The same is true for CLIP, and ORIGIN textures as well. If you are careful it is possible to mix water textures (provided you don't accidentally use a slime texture on the brush).

"Token too large" - Hammer Tools error

This can refer to several different errors:
  1. The wads files as mentioned above. 8 wads in WC/Hammer is a good limit, more may cause this error among others. If you are using more than 8 wads you can use Wally to combine the extra wads into one custom wad.
  2. Too long a path/name for the map or compiling tools. Only a limited amount of memory is set aside for the path/names. Solution is to move the compiling tools or map into a shallow folder.
  3. Having a space in a path/name. Examples: frequently /Program Files/ is part of the path name. Compiling tools do not like the space between "program" and "files". Solutions are to either use the MSDOS pathname, or to move the offending files from under the spaced folder, or put quotes " " around the whole path name in WC/Hammer so that windows uses it right. If your map has the space in its name (eg. Bob map), remove the space and change it to (Bobmap)

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    Do u have any idea to fix this?
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    Not really, you can name your map whatever you want, just use a-z, 0-9, underscores and hyphens. The prefixes are just ways of categorising maps, and since this tutorial is for CS you should not talk about natural selection gamemodes
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    My problem is weird, when I put a sound in my map the vhe compile it without any problem.
    But when ill test it, the loading screen freezes to "verifing resources" (i dont remember now well) and when I see the console say something about "failed to load library"
    Semper fidelis
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