How to Create Character Skins (For Beginners)

A Tutorial for Super Smash Bros. For Nintendo 3DS

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Hello. Have you ever wanted to make skins but don't know how, or the tutorials available or simply too outdated and/or complicated? I'm here to help you make a character skin.

What's required
1. An extracted dump of Smash 3DS, preferably with DLC files. (You need to be able to access/edit .bch files)
2. Ohana3DS Rebirth (Regular Ohana3DS is usable but it's buggy and outdated)
3. A 3DS (or a New, XL, or 2DS variant) system with Luma CFW and SaltySD with Smash Selector
4. A computer
5. An SD Card
6. An photo editing software (I recommend

Step 1: Figuring out what you want to make.
Pick a character from the roster and find their textures in your dump. In your dump, go to data>model>fighter>[character]>body>c0x/h0x (x is a variable). c0x files are low quality models/textures used when fighting. h0x files are high quality models/textures when the game is paused or during the victory screen. The numbers next to the c0x/h0x files are the skin slot they use. c00/h00 is the default costume, c01-7/h01-7 are the alternate skins. To find out which skin is the one you want to edit, go to the character's SmashWiki page and look at the alternate costume part of the page. Count the number that the color you want to edit is in, and subtract 1. This is what slot your skin is in. (Ryu's blue costume is in Slot 6, so it uses the C05/H05 folders)

Step 2: Extracting the files (See picture 2)
EDIT: Use the tool tab's bch texture replacer's exporter instead of the texture tab's exporter
EDIT 2: Both work, my bad.
Once you found out which skin you want to edit, make a folder on your desktop named whatever character you want to edit. Put a "c0x", "h0x", (replace x with whatever slot you want your custom skin to go) "C", and "H" folders inside your new folder. Copy the "normal.bch" folders from the c0x and h0x folders inside your characters model folder in the dump, and place them in the c0x and h0x folders on the new folder on your desktop. Open Ohana3DS Rebirth, and drag the "normal.bch" folder from the "c0x" folder in your desktop folder (What I'll refer the new folder as from now on) into the program. Go to the textures tab and press the Export button. Find the "C" folder from the "Output folder" and select "export all textures." Do this even if you are only going to edit one texture, because you need to be able to import ALL of the texture files. DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP OR YOUR MOD WILL NOT LOAD. Afterwards, do the same with normal.bch in the "h0x" folder and make it export to the "H" folder.

Step 3: Editing the textures (See Picture 3)
Now that you have the textures in an editable format (.png), open up your photo editing software and drag the texture from the H folder (do H first) and into your editing software and edit it. (If you have "changing hues" tool, I recommend using that as it makes your life A LOT easier) Once you've finished with the H texture, open up the C's version of that texture. Most of the time (Fox and Marth are the only exception I know of) C's texture is a resized version of the H's texture, so all you have to do is resize the H texture and paste it over the C's version and save.

Step 4: Inserting the new textures
Open up Ohana3DS Rebirth. Go to the Tools tab at the top and click on the "BCH Texture Replacer" in the replacer, press "file", then "open" and find the c0x folder in the desktop folder. Press "replace all" and choose the "C" folder in your desktop folder, then press "save." Repeat process for the h0x folder (using the H folder's textures)

Step 5: Insert the files into your SD Card
Assuming you already have a saltySD folder on your sd card, go and put the c0x/h0x folders where they are suppose to go (saltysd>smash>model>[character]>body). If you did everything correctly then you should now have a custom skin in the slot where you put it.

If there is anything you are confused about, just leave a comment and I'll reply as quickly as a I can.


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    *looks at the Lucas in the screenshot*
    Not sure if Kumatora, or just an appearance change for Lucas.
    Th-th-that's all, folks! avatar
    Th-th-that's all, folks!
  • 7mo
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    If I may suggest, link the specific version of Ohana3DS Rebirth that works with textures. There's still the older one floating around  and functionality-wise, it works but it creates a corrupted .bch file that is double the normal size and immediately crashes the game. The fork of it by smb123w64gb is the one that works.
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    An excellent guide, much better than the one I'd been following. Thanks!


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  • 7mo
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    Oh, I used Lucas because Ryu looks Very Strange in Ohana3DS Rebirth. Also, I'll probably make a CSP and Stock Icon Creations guide later on.

    Also, the skin I've created WILL be published. Probably tomorrow.


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Beginner Difficulty


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Kumatora Lucas


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