How to install GTA2 cars

A Tutorial for Grand Theft Auto 2

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This is a tutorial on how to mod and install new cars to your GTA2 game using the tool STYed!
First off you will obviously need the tool STYed (Download - Unzip - Install (preferably on your GTA2 root folder, just to have everything on the same place) and a new car skin like this one. (Download and extract anywhere you want, Desktop, My Documents...)

Secondly we will be working on/with the actual map archives of GTA2 and its data, so lets be clear on something: *MAKE BACKUPS!!*

*About backups: Having a backup of the original/vanilla folder will prevent you from having to reinstall/download the game and then having to re-mod everything all over again in case you mess up a single thing while modding (It's common for it to happen)
-You can either back up (Ctrlc/Ctrlv somewhere else) the entire folder (C/: Program Files/ GTA2/ *DATA FOLDER*) after installing the game and right before starting to mod. This is what I reccomend and call "Vanilla/Original Backup"
-Or you can back up only the specific map folder you will be working on (Folders: wil(level 1), ste(level 2), bil(level3) respectively, which are inside the DATA folder).

1-Open STYed folder (Wherever you installed it), launch STYed.exe by double clicking it (I'd reccomend making a desktop shortcut to have a quicker access)

2-Click on File - Open - Cars Only

3-Here a browser will pop up - browse your GTA2 root folder - Open the data folder - and here you will select the map you will be modding cars for (by double clicking the file or selecting the file and clicking the option OPEN) IMAGE 1
*Level/Map 1 (wil.sty)
 Level/Map 2 (ste.sty)
 Level/Map 3 (bil.sty)

4-STYed will open all the cars (and more) available for the map you selected, the whole listing will be on the third column to the right (it will load more tiles and sprites, but we'll just focus on the car sprites) IMAGE 2

*Important: Each downloaded new car-skin replaces a spescific matching in-game car, that means the overall quantity/ammount of cars will not vary, since you will be replacing the existing ones

5-Example: (Assuming you downloaded the new Ambulance) Using STYed, you'll browse the listing for Car #30 (on any map, since the ambulance is in all 3 maps) - Select it by clicking on it once. IMAGE 2

*Note: Not all cars appear on all maps, and cars that do appear on all maps/levels have to be replaced/modded for each map/level.

6-Click on File - Import - Import Image

7-Now browse the folder where you extracted/unzipped your downloaded new car files and open it

8-There should be a ".bmp" file named after the listing number of said car (in this case Ambulance = car#30) - Select by clicking it - Click open IMAGE 3

9-The original sprite image should have changed for the new one IMAGE 4

10-Now Go to view - click on Deltas - the sprite deltas should appear (IMAGE 5), click on import Deltas - browse the matching ".bmp" file named as Deltas for car #30 (ambulance example) (IMAGE 6)

11-Now the replacement segments of the deltas should appear IMAGE 7 - click Close

12-Go to file - click on Save - Done!!
Now go test your game and drive you new car!

*If the car looks like total crap, it means something went wrong, and theres no way around it, go to your vanilla backup folder, copy paste it over the GTA2 "data" folder, and start de modding process again.

*Recommendation: mod and test cars 1 at a time, then proceed with the next car (you can mod 15 cars or more, one after another before testing them, but if 1 single mod goes wrong, you'll have to use your backup folder and overwrite the root "data" folder, meaning you'll end up re-modding everything all over again)

*Recommendation: If you mod a car, and it works just fine in the game, immediately go to your GTA2 "Data" folder and back it up (copy/paste it somewhere else) so if the next modification goes wrong you just replace the current "data" folder with your most recent up-todate mod-working backup (it will save you lots of time)

HAVE FUN! and post your modded in-game pictures!


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