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How To Create Your Own .nus3bank Files - A Tutorial for Super Smash Bros. (Wii U).

I have friends that, once they learned I knew how to add custom songs, wanted me to add custom music to my mod pack that was not found on Smash Custom Music (Smooth McGroove's smash acapella music).  Here is what I used in order to add the music to my game.  Please note that the music will be quieter then you think it will, so increase the volume in Audacity to compensate.

This tutorial is assuming that you already have Python 2.7 installed.  If you don't, then install it and then follow the tutorial.

1.  Download the music file that you want to add to your game. (If you are wanting a song from YouTube, then use or a different YouTube sound downloader online)

Edit: no longer works, so try going to one of the websites below:

2.  Download and install Audacity (if not already installed) and open the file.

3.  Go to the toolbar above and click Effects and then Amplify, and without changing anything, click to apply the effect.

4.  Export the audio as a WAV (Microsoft) file (.wav)

6.  Download BrawlBox and once downloaded, click File, New BRSTM.

7.  Then you need to click the checkbox on the bottom that says Loop and set up the loop points (This is the longest part as you need to select the point at which the loop returns to and where the loop will end (and go back to the beginning).  Once you find the loop you want, hit Okay and wait for it to encode.

8.  Double-check to see if your loop works and if it does, then save the BRSTM file.

9.  Click Here and drag the Sound folder onto your computer.

10.  Place the BRSTM file in the "Smash IDSP Build" folder and drag the BRSTM file over the sm4shidspbuild.bat file and wait for it to close itself.

11.  Drag the newly made IDSP file into the "Injection and Extraction" folder, as well a spare nus3bank file.  This can be any nus3bank file you already have in your mod pack or you can download a random one from Smash 4 For Wii U from the Smash Custom Music site.

12.  Set the IDSP and the nus3bank file to have the same name.
(12a.)  Copy the file name.  This is optional, but make things easier.

13.  Open a command prompt in that folder (shift + right-click) and type this in (replace [song title] with your song's file name): [song title].nus3bank [song title].idsp 0

You're song is now injected to a .nus3bank file.  I'd suggest that you copy the file over to where the .nus3bank files are located instead of moving it.  That way, you already have a .nus3bank file ready to be renamed and injected into when you want to add a different song to you mod pack.

If you want to have this song replace one in the game, then just rename the file to the one you are replacing and put it with the other .nus3bank files.  If you want to add this song without replacing any songs, follow this tutorial.
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    Hi, stupid question (I'm sort of new to modding), how can I get the nus3bank into Smash? It's a character voice bank. Do I have to dump my game, or can I just insert it into an existing mod pack? I've been told not to merge different mods, but I'm assuming that's mod packs. Or I'm just completely wrong. Either way, I need some help with this! Thank you! ^-^;
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    There's got to be a better way to do this. I'm getting stuck on the last step. using the command prompt. there really needs to be a video for this.
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    mp3fiber is pretty good for me.
    I recommend you add it to the OP.
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  • Dragging the BRSTM file over sm4shidspbuild.bat file does not do anything. Could someone assist me, please?
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    You should use Offliberty instead, it's much better than the other sites, in my opinion.
    This is Completely Pointless.
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    Posted by PK NEIN works for me
    That's what the update was for.  I added other websites you could use.

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    Posted by DewGaming

    Posted by deeeeeric

    Posted by DewGaming

    Posted by deeeeeric

    At the command prompt bit, I get an syntax error stating something about "missing parenthesis in call to 'print'". Above it it states 'print "Unknown content type " + content'. Any reason why this error is coming up?
    I'm not sure what is causing that.  Sorry dude.

    No problem. I think it has something to do with the python code. Thanks anyway :)

    Most likely.  I'd make sure that you have Python 2.7 and not an updated or older version.

    Everything is solved now. Thanks :)

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