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Skinning in Cs2d for Dummies - A Tutorial for CS2D

Making skins for Counter Strike: 2D is relatively easy, due to the fact that the game utilizes sprites instead of models. You won't even require any tools to compress them or decompress them as the other games do that use sprites. However, due to this, many of the amateur skin makers gobble it up like a bunch'a pancakes, often spewing out horribly bad skins. This tutorial, while not perfect, will show you a simple way to create a skin for Counter Strike 2D. Hope you people enjoy.

Things you'll require:

  • Counter-Strike - 2D (Obviously)
  • Adobe - Photoshop
  • Microsoft Paint (GIMP can also pass, as it is better, but stick to Paint if you find GIMP complicated.)
  • An idea, of what you're going to be actually making.

Step 1: Getting Started

Grab yourself a photo of the weapon you're going to turn into a skin for the game. The Google, Pinterest, use anything to grab one off the internet. For this particular tutorial, we'll go with H&K MP7.

The default template that is supplied with CS:2D is quite minature, even smaller than the old 
Nintendo games. So, instead of using that one, download the one that I've posted here.

 Notice the black line running across the pink landscape? That's the border. If your weapon passes by this mark, it will appear as a gigantic, massive sprite in the buy menu. Keep it in mind.

Once you've got the both photo and the template, it's time to break out the tools and began the conversion!

Step 2: The Converstion

Using the Magic Wand tool (that mace-looking tool in the tool menu) select the white background around the weapon's photo and delete it, making it transparent. (Note: Be sure to note that the background layer should be turned "off" or in other words, converted to a standard layer. Otherwise, the background won't disappear.) Select the image the and take to the template. It will obviously be huge compared to the template, so make sure to resize it to fit. I can't stress it more, but keep it above the black line all the times! It should look something like this:

When you are done, the image will blur a little. We will take care about that later. Select the line tool and create an outline of the weapon (you can even create whole weapon or all details in it). after you have done, set the visiblilty of the weapon to invisible ( you can do it in layer window, just press the eye icon on left of the layer) It should look like this:

After you have done, Save it in jpg format anywhere you want.

Removing the blurry lines
You may have noticed the blurry lines all around. Open it in paint. Select sucker tool and pick the pink color. Select the line tool and decrease it's size to lowest possible. Now use it to remove the lines. You can also use pencil tool for much more easier removing. Once you have removed all of the lines, darken any light lines with black color.After you have finished, remove the black line. It should appear like this now:

And congrats! you have created your very first skin! I lack knowledge of texturing, but I will upload a tutorial for it soon.

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