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Three Important things/rules - A Tutorial for Counter-Strike 1.6

Know them as your three fingers on your hand!

Introduction! ============= Today I'll talk about the three rules in the mapping for Counter-strike 1.6 using four maps with two screenshots each, these maps are `aim_dg_irak`, `de_salt2`, `de_kalt` and `aim_map_2010`. The map will look well made despite the resolution, sounds, models and everything else for this game does not, after all, the game is still alive and played by people of all ages. But I digress, the three rules are, planing, texturing and bugs. Before I start the tutorial I want to say special Thanks to: - [Dewolt.](, creator of the map aim_map_2010 - [SuperJer]( - Creator Of the maps de_kalt and de_salt2 So let's start the tutorial and go over on the maps. Glossary ----- - [Texturing]( "Texturing") - [Textures]( "Textures") - [Design]( "Design") - [VHE]( "VHE") Planning ======= Planning is very important in mapping, for example, look at the pictures, it's possible to make these things in Counter-Strike 1.6, it's even possible without a plan, but it's so much easier with one. It's also important to make notes, if only for future references. To make a such plan you could use a pencil and paper, draw something like an overview. A lot of people have different views in creating an awesome plan, for example some people look at maps in the game and by looking at them they know what to add to their plan. Other people make maps from other games, for example GTA, CS:GO, Garry's mod and other types of games, and they try to use what they saw in their plan. Yet different people make the map with what comes to their mind. So here is some examples of interesting places which can be made in Counter-Strike 1.6. Discover Kensington These are a lot of ideas, pictures of awesome things which can be made in cs 1.6 with more imagination. Example plans ------------------------- Kerala example 1 Texturing ========= In every case texturing will mean a nice design. To make awesome designs you must go on the internet and search textures, you can also make textures with Photoshop, or if you want you can take them from different games and export them for cs 1.6, you can also use textures which already are used in maps. What will happen if your map is without proper textures (without design)? Let's take a look at this image Look at it very carefully, take a moment to appreciate it. Now Imagine this picture where everything is white. What do you think? Most people will say it's pretty bad, so that's why we must use textures. Here is some examples for what am talking about. Look at the maps `aim_dg_irak` (screenshot 1 and 2) and the map `de_kalt` (screenshot 3 and 4). If you use suitable textures, your maps will look awesome every single time. Bugs ==== One dreadful topic as for me, I hate bugs. The problem is that there are a lot of types of bugs in making one map, for example using the vertex and clipping tool, these are the two tools which, when you first use them, tend to cause errors. Worst of all, there are a lot of different bugs you can encounter. Some of them appear in VHE, which is fine because you can fix them right away, others appear in game where some can be easy to fix, but some are trickier. I have one such example of this problem, the error was in deathrun_dojo, my game crashed. Some of these types of problems you can't solve exactly. The errors are in two groups, those that can be ignored or solved, and errors that can't be solved. These are examples of errors that are confusing and don't tell much, so are hard to debug. Hope you liked this tutorial Enjoy