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Making a 'Go To' quest.

A Tutorial for Dying Light

How to make a GoTo Quest.

GoTo quest making ================= I will be doing more guides today I will also fix the grammar on this later today too tired at the moment... Need any help with Dying Light Mod Tools Contact me and I will help. Open a new project ![]( "") Once you get in you will see something like this. ![]( "") First in the hot bar over this and make sure everything is visible. ![]( "") First we will move the spawn. Find the spawn point it should be a blue flag like this ![]( "") Use these buttons to scale, move and rotate the object. ![]( "") I will be moving it to the top of the stand behind the spawn. click on it hit ‘S’ and click and drag on the arrow you want it to go. ![]( "") Once its done you will want to test it. On the top bar go to game then play. ![]( "") After your game loads you should be in your new spawn point. you will start with 4 weapons and max level with most of the skills. This can be changed later. ![]( "") There will be an example quest to kill a zombie then after its dead to go back to a house. ![]( "") Open quest by going to “Document” then “open quest”. ![]( "") You will be greeted with something like this. ![]( "") Open the quests folder go into example then double-click example_kill_and_run.pxsl. you will get this. ![]( "") It will say: [This]( "") So here is a preset I made without the kill part this is what we will use as a base. [It is here.]( "") Compile it there should be no errors. Then go back to your map. If you are using the base example map like i am then the tab will be called example. Now for adding places you have to go. once back in the map tab hit the “1” key then this will open. ![]( "") Go to the data folder and search for Quest you will get “logic_questhub.df2” its a black flag. Click it and we can place it in the world. ![]( "") Now on the map you will be able to place it by clicking. I will be putting one on each roof. ![]( "") now to stop placing them just hit the “S” key. now that you are on the Select object double-click each flag you places and give it a unique name make sure you use no spaces. ![]( "") Now to make the quest. Open the Example_kill_and_run.pxsl tab again. On line 8 it should say “,goto <> SpawnPoint HomePoint -distance=5” to set it you your first goal change “SpawnPoint HomePoint” . “SpawnPoint” is the class so for our quest marker the class is “QuestHub” and “HomePoint” is the name of the goal. So we would change it to “,goto <> QuestHub YourGoalNamehere -distance=5” so int he end it should look something like. [Like This]( "") Now that was just the first goal out of how ever many you set. But first hit compile make sure there is no errors. Then test it. It will still say kill zombie we will change this last. Do the quests and go to the spot you set it should then for to “Feel free” if so then that's good. Go back to the quest tab. Now we are going to add the other goals. after “,debugpos SpawnPoint MapStart” enter a line of space and then write. [This]( "") it should end up looking like [This]( "") Once that is done hit compile and test it. now if its working continue to do all of your Quest goals flags. You will get some thing that says “The objective has already been already used in a preceding phase” Just ignore it for now will get to it soon. Test it and make sure it works. If it does then its now time to set up the updating objectives and rename the quest. In the quest tab on like 5 is says “quest ExampleQuest -final=true” change just “”ExampleQuest” to what you want to call the quest NO SPACES! Then hit compile you will get “Quest has no description” it does not matter for the moment. Now go to where you have the dying light mod tools installed. it should be like this. “\Steam\SteamApps\common\Dying Light\DevTools\” go to “workshop” go to your projects folder then into “Data” You will want to open “texts_steam_workshop.scr” in any text editor like notepad++ or editpad. It will say this: !String(s, s) // Example map texts String("ExampleQuest_Name", "Example quest") String("ExampleQuest_Desc", "Simple quest about killing zombies and running away.") String("ExampleQuest_Kill", "Kill zombie") String("ExampleQuest_Run", "Go back to your home") String("ExampleQuest_Freedom", "Feel free!") You will want to change “String("ExampleQuest_Name", "Example quest")” To something like this “String("YourQuestNameHere_Name", "Your quest name here")” Save it then test it. you might need to restart mod tools. If there is a & at the start and end of the quest name you have done something wrong. Now for goals add a “String("OBJName", "Objective text here")” put one for each Goal you have. Each need their own “OBJName” i would use something like Goal1, Goal2, etc once done save it go into your quest tab. Now for each thing that says “obj=&ExampleQuest_kill&” replace “ExampleQuest_kill” and put the “OBJName” name you set in “texts_steam_workshop.scr” Do this for each goal. Test it and if it work then you are done!


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