Skyrim Character Guide

A Tutorial for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Tired of having to make alot of new characters JUST to get a good one? This tutorial should prevent that!

**ONE HANDED, TWO HANDED, THIEF, OR MAGE SETUP** After being able to choose from Ralof or Hadvar, Choose Hadvar, Because Ralof's way of getting you to Whiterun, seems to glitch alot. After picking Hadvar, take the weapons in the chest, and beat Hadvar with it, He will not attack you, and you can level up. Level up to level 2: And pick these for whatever you are **MAGE** Use High Elf race, Pick Magicka, and Novice Destruction, Then pick Healing Novice. Pick "Mage Stone" When you see the first stones you are able to pick **ONE-HANDED** Pick Imperial Race, Pick Health/Stamina (Health, if you think you are not very good, or are new), Level Up One-handed (the first upgrade you are allowed to get for it) and Light Armor/Heavy Armor (depending on what you want) (First upgrade) And pick "Warrior Stone" when you get out of the cage **TWO HANDED** Pick Orc race: Pick Stamina/Health (same logic as One-handed) Pick Two-handed first upgrade, Then most likely Heavy armor. **THEIF** Pick Khajit race, Pick Health, do NOT pick One-handed until higher levels, Because One-handed does NOT affect Fist Dmg. You know the drill, Sneak upgrade, then Onehanded does 6x sneak attack DMG (once you can get it) Quest Instructions **MAGE** After you complete Hadvars Bleak Falls Barrow mission, Go raid until you acquire about 1000 gold. Go back to Hadvar, and buy these spells: Firebolt, Bound sword. This is where you want to start upgrading Conjuration. You can buy other spells too, Then, Go to the College Of Winterhold, And do the first 5 missions. After that, Jump back into the main story, untill you get the whole FUS RO DAH shout, then go back into the College **ONE-HANDED AND TWO HANDED** Complete the mission where you get Lydia, and take her. Complete the Horn Jargen Windcaller misson, then go onto bandit camp raids, and exploring. Go into the "Smithing" skill tree, and make yourself steel/leather armor (depending on what armor you are skilled in eg: light/heavy) and craft onehanded/ twohanded weapons. Or simply buy them. **THEIF** Go visit Solitude, And test your luck on Pickpocketing, Murdering, Lockpicking, And of course, Sneaking! No quests needed to do yet, except the first four. If you bought the Dawngaurd DLC, I reccomend joining them right now, and becoming a vampire Anyway, Go into Riften, and join the Thieves guild. Do most of the missions (about 5 missions) and you should be pretty set to do the main quests. While you are there, try to upgrade the "Assassins Blade" perk, which is the one you need, and find yourself a steel dagger, and upgrade your onehanded. After this, you should fully invest everything into maxing out the Sneak skill tree. After you complete the sneak skill tree, complete the Pickpockiting skill tree. You should be able to take down Solitude, Riften, Whiterun, and Winterhold without breaking a sweat at this point. _Pro tips!_ Highborn power: Use it! ALOT! Only in need though, If about 4 people are chasing you, and you are low on magicka, you should use that puppy! Voice of the Emperor: This power is down-right AMAZING! Because, Lets say you accidently hit a quest person in the crotch with a sword, they will attack you, but the power makes them friendly for one minute. That gives you time to talk, and be able to do the quest. Nighteye: This power may seem absolutely useless, but it isnt! For many occasions, at night, you might have a hard time seeing, or want a clearer view on who you want to kill. This power delivers that need! Beserker Rage: This power is better then ALL powers, except Highborn, because you can absolutely destroy everything in your path! And smash peoples faces in! Beat Ralof in the face! Screw that fox! SHHH IM HUNTIN WABBITS!!!!!!!!!! Offtopic... Anyway, Use this power when fighting dragons. Its good! Need some free levels? No worries! Go to a trainer (that you pay gold to be trained for) and invest all the money you can into them! After you do that, kill the trainer, and loot the corpse to get the gold back! It is that easy! Got five thousand gold, want to buy some cool spells or weapons, but REALLLY want the Breezehome in Whiterun? No worries! Push the person who sells the house by a chest/drawer, (that is legal to put stuff in) , buy the house, Exit chat, go into chest/drawer, and place gold inside. After he completes his sentence, It will say "Gold: 5000 removed" But it didnt really remove! It is safe and sound in the chest/drawer. Dont want to buy the horse! Steal it! You only get about 50 gold bounty, which is alot cheaper than 1000 gold! Happy killing, My fellow Skyrim players!
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