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Embedding YouTube Videos - A Tutorial for GameBanana.

This tutorial will teach you how to embed YouTube videos on

You'll often encounter submissions making use of embedded YouTube videos to for example preview the included content. Embedding YouTube videos is a feature I'm highly recommending.

Why is it a good idea?:
Embedded YouTube videos enable you to watch for example a preview without having to leave the site or opening a new tap in your browsers, which is handy for all sorts of reasons, as you can probably imagine.

How do you do it?:
Doing this is actually pretty easy and only takes a couple of seconds. In order to be able to embed a video you have to get the code, which can be done in two ways.

Option #1:
The first option would be to simply right-click the video and select Copy embed code, which will save the code into your clipboard. You can simply paste it as plain text into your submission's description by hitting the key-combination Ctrl+V.

Option #2:
You could also click on the Share-button located below the subscribe button and then proceed by clicking on the Embed-button. The code will be highlighted and copied automatically, if not simply highlight it and copy-and-paste it as plain text. Though, I'd recommend the first option, since it's faster and the YouTube layout is constantly changing, so the description of this second option might be outdated at some point.

Copy-and-pasting the code will look somewhat like this:

First of all it's very important that you remove " allow="autoplay;", because the autoplay feature is forbidden on

Please note how width is set to 480 while height is set to 300. These values scale the video player to fit into the site-layout of submissions. You can manually change these values, but please chose a scale that is actually sensible. It's hindering to make it really small or bigger than the site-layout. If the scale is 480 by 300, the video player will neatly go from left to right. Should you wish to put two videos next to each other simple set the scale of both videos to 240 by 150. I'm sure you can come up with good ways to make use of this feature.

Should you not get these values right the first time don't panic. You can always edit your submission or comment and change the values until you're happy with the result. Please have a look at the images above as a reference.

That wraps up this tutorial. Congratulations! You now know how to embed YouTube videos on
  • I'll just mention I didn't know this so thank you for the tutorial! It really helped!
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    > **Posted by Mark Tven** > > Everybody knows this. This tutorial is useless. No.
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    No one beats me at Puyo Puyo.
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    > **Posted by Mark Tven** > > Everybody knows this. This tutorial is useless.

    So you're Mr. Know It All?

    People fail to do this all the time and I'm being asked how to do this constantly during unwithhold processes. After having explained that to 50 people, I did the next logical thing and made a tutorial about it.

    There are in fact already tutorials about this, but non as extensive and up to date as this one.

    Furthermore this is a submission of a staff member, which helps for example search engine optimization. If a moderator makes a tutorial, you can pretty much conclude that there is a good reason for it.

    If anything is useless here, it's your comment. Our first encounter happened, because you've violating our rules, which I'm not further drawing out here.

    Now, instead of learning from that encounter you come to one of my tutorials and make a rude, non-constructive comment, probably to get some sort of petty revenge, which is, who would have thought, another rule violation ... speaks volumes about your character, "mate". Seriously, don't you have something better to do at Easter?
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    Everybody knows this. This tutorial is useless.
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