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Making (SEMI-)Transparent Textures

A Tutorial for Counter-Strike 1.6

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For models' texturing

Hello everybody~ ================== Wellcome to my SECOND tutorial. :D This time, we are going to make (SEMI-)transparent textures which are for models, and for maps' tutorial is [here]( "GAMEBANANA: Transparent textures for Counterstrike 1.6 Maps") and for sprays' tutorial is [here]( "YouTube: How to create a cs 1.6 spray [Transparent spray]") (BLUE: RGB 0 0 255). Content ================== ﹥ Tutorial - Transparent ﹥ Tutorial - Semi-Transparent Tutorial - Transparent ================== ﹥ Step 00 ------------------ First of all, you will need the following tools: » Wally 1.55b ([Link]( "GAMEBANANA: Wally")) » Image editor (e.g. Paint.NET, PhotoShop, etc.) » A .BMP file needed to apply transparent function ﹥ Step 01 ------------------ Open the .BMP file with your image editor, and change the background, which is wanted to be transparent, to a color that has never been used in that .BMP file. (For me, BLACK is alright.) ![]( "01") ![]( "02") ﹥ Step 02 ------------------ Save the .BMP file with 8-bit depth and close it. Next, load the .BMP file into Wally. ![]( "03") ﹥ Step 03 ------------------ Pick the "Eye Dropper" tool, and click on the color wanted to be transparent. ![]( "04") ﹥ Step 04 ------------------ Goto "Colors" -> "Translate Colors", and you should see a box pops out. ![]( "05") ﹥ Step 05 ------------------ Goto "Destination", change "Index" to "255", and toggle the "Swap Indexes" option, click "OK". ![]( "06") ﹥ Step 06 ------------------ Then save it. ![]( "07") ﹥ Step 07 ------------------ Import or compile a model with the .BMP file. And after that, you should toggle the "transparent" option of that .BMP file. ![]( "08") ![]( "09") (If you imported it, you have to save the model by clicking "File" -> "Save Model As".) ﹥ Step 08 ------------------ And now, you should see the color chosen to be transparent in _Step 05_ is now transparent. ![]( "10") Tutorial - Semi-Transparent ================== ﹥ Step 00 ------------------ In this section, you just need a image editor and a .BMP file needed to be semi-transparent. ﹥ Step 01 ------------------ And now is the most important part for semi- transparent texturing for models. The first thing you need to know is that "ADDITIVE" mode in HL means if a color is the more darker, the more transparent will be in this mode. The second thing is that textures of weapon's skins and iron sights (or other textures wanted to be semi-transparent) are different since the level of transparency required is not the same, **which means you can just** **toggle the "Additive" option for weapon's skins an** **this is how you make weapon's skins to semi-** **transparent.** ﹥ Step 02 (Iron Sights' Semi-Transparent Texturing) ------------------ Open the .BMP file with your image editor, and change the background to BLACK. Background means the regions that you don't want it to show up in 1st person view. ![]( "11") ![]( "12") ﹥ Step 03 ------------------ In this step, you need to find out the INVERTED COLOR of target colors which are wanted to be semi-transparent in their same HUEs in HSV. And the way to find the inverted color is simple: » NO NEED to change "H" - "HUE", » Change "S" - SATURATION to "|{98 - Original S}|", » Change "V" - VALUE to "|{98 - Original V}|", » Notes: Please take the absolute value. (For me, the inner surface color's HSV is 0 18 100, so I change its "S" - SATURATION to "80" |[98-18]|, and change its "V" - VALUE to "2" |[98-100]|.) (For example, a color's HSV is 242 52 21, so change its "S" - SATURATION to "46" |[98-52]|, and change its "V" - VALUE to "77" |[98-21]|.) ![]( "15") ﹥ Step 04 ------------------ Fill the target colors with the inverted colors **correspondingly**. ![]( "13") ![]( "14") ﹥ Step 05 ------------------ After you re-filled the original colors with the inverted colors just like the above picture, you can save it and import to a model, etc. And you should toggle the "Additive" option. (I just changed the background color to black only in the model viewer to make the result clear.) ![]( "16") Yep, that's the end~ Last.. ================== Sorry for bad & clumsy English :P I really hope that this tutorial can help you. If you have any questions, please find me and tell me, I will solve it for you. :) Recent Submissions ================== ![]( "Skin"): [awp_xmas]( "") ![]( "Gamefile"): [CS:O TROUBLESOME GUNS]( "") ![]( "Skin"): [CS:O Astonishing Weapon Pack]( "") ![]( "Skin"): [New Characters (incl. limited editions)]( "") ![]( "Spray"): [Kamen Rider Symbol Sprays Pack]( "") ![]( "Tutorial"): [/ Adding Tattoos /]( "") ![]( "Skin"): [/ CSOnline Tattoos Pack /]( "") ![]( "Skin"): [Guitar XMAS Version (w/ notes, M/F hands)]( "")


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Robert Olesen (Egir)
October 4, 2007; "How to Make Transparent Textures with Wally"


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