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Making a proper sky for your map. - A Tutorial for Counter-Strike 1.6


I recently noticed that some maps have performance issues or bugs because there's a skybox around the map. You don't need to make a box around your map. I'm clarifying this because many people know the sky as "skybox" and then assuming that they have to make a box. The problem with it is that it increases the wpoly in your map, it will make the compile process much slower and will also increase the file size of your map (which means that it will limit what you can do).

How to do it.

So now instead of a box we're going to make walls with the sky texture, think of it as a roof for your map. Here's a couple of screenshots

If you made a window just cover the other side of it with the sky texture like this

Note how I didn't make it inside the gap. If I did that the wall there wouldn't be visible after the compile and it would look ugly, so make sure you make it just like that.

Things to know when using this method.

1. Unlike with the skybox now you must be careful when you're making your map. That means you have to make sure there are no holes in your map so you don't get any leak errors.

2. Leaks can also be caused by transparent brushes or entity brushes. This applies to transparent textures or brushes, doors and clip walls. Like, let's say that you made a window with this texture

Just because there's something there doesn't mean that there won't be a leak. That's because it's a transparent texture. Same goes for a transparent brush (like a glass). So make sure you put a sky texture between the window.
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    Last paragraph is not completely right. The leak is there not because of the transparent texture but because the block is an entity. Entities don't close gaps. You need worldbrushes around at the outside of your map.
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    Hello, HI guys, I saw in some tutorials in bg, that to make the sky you make a box, then put hollows 32 and then complie the map, and from this tutorials I make the maps with a sky like in the wrong image. In the two ways I've file .lin, but now I know why I've this. Btw, He is right, if somebody make the sky like a box for example this map is with a sky box made and for complining take me some hours. For making one too fast complining use this tutorial, I think that this tutorial is very useful. Edit!! If somebody don't want to waste hours on adding the sky like this method, let's make it like box!!.
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    Wow!when i was began to mapping,I always made the sky like the screen says "WRONG!"
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    Yes! You are right! Because if you make a skybox around the map, under the map is dark, and everything is rendered
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