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Using SweetFX for ATI/AMD Video Card Users - A Tutorial for GameBanana

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There are sayings that SweetFX does not work on some games because of the video card. Nvidia drivers work fine, but the ATI and AMD drivers are however having issues with SweetFX. The following step-by-step tutorial might help solve that problem. For more details about the whole tutorial, just go straight through the Y.P.Q. section below the tutorial! Other than that, let's begin! ------------------
Preparation: - Have RadeonPro installed on your computer - Have SweetFX (it MUST BE version 1.4 nothing higher or lower than that!) installed on your **RadeonPro directory** NOTE: All of the SweetFX files must be placed inside another Sweetfx folder, and that Sweetfx folder has to be placed inside the RadeonPro directory ------------------
RadeonPro Adjustments: - Open RadeonPro - Click on || which is placed on the top-center part of the window - On the left side menu, click SweetFX settings - The |**Enable SweetFX Integration**| must be checked - On |**SweetFX files root location**|, click |**Change…**| and select the Sweetfx folder that you’ve installed in your RadeonPro directory, and then click |**OK**| - Toggle your SweetFX hotkey in your own designated key (I use the ‘Home’ key) - Once all of these are applied, click |**Save**| ------------------
Adding your game to RadeonPro: - On your main RadeonPro window, click || found near the top center - Select the execution (.exe) file of your game which can be found on its own installation directory, and click |**Open**|. Your game's .exe directory will be placed on the left side of the main RadeonPro window will be placed as Recently Added ------------------
Enabling SweetFX to your game: - Below the Profiles (the one on the left) of your main RadeonPro window, select the execution (.exe) of your game - On the upper-right side of the main window, click the |**SweetFX**| tab - The |**Enable SweetFX**| must be checked - Click Import settings which can be found at the bottom once you scroll down, and select ‘SweetFX_settings.txt’ which is placed inside your Sweetfx folder - (Optional) Adjust the effects on the SweetFX tab to create your own preset - On the execution (.exe) of your game on the left side of the main window, right-click and select |**Apply now**| NOTE: Make sure there are no SweetFX files installed on your game's directory! ------------------
Probably the trickiest part:

(Your Possible Questions)**
`What is Sweetfx, and what does it have to do with my video games?` _According to (the main website for SweetFX), it's a mod built on the InjectSMAA shader injector, that allows you to apply a suite of post processing shader effects to your games. You can add SMAA anti-aliasing, sharpening and tweak the color, gamma, exposure and more. It's meant to allow you to improve the look of your games and change the look and mood of it to your liking._ `Why SweetFX v 1.4? Why not v 1.5 or higher?` _RadeonPro is not compatible with the latest versions as of now. I’m not sure if the developer of that software would ever update it to make it working with the later versions of SweetFX._ `Do I always have to run RadeonPro to be able to use SweetFX on my games?` _If you're applying the steps of this tutorial, then yes!_ `My SweetFX is working fine with my ATI/AMD Video Card without doing these steps, what’s the point of this tutorial?` _There are games with ATI/AMD Video Cards that cannot run SweetFX that well while others work fine. One case is that the game doesn’t even launch after installing the Sweetfx files in the installation directory of the game. The other case is when the game launches normally but the Sweetfx is not working in-game. With RadeonPro, probably majority of your games will work on SweetFX! On the plus side, Steam Screenshots also captures your in-game with the SweetFX plug-in!_ `SweetFX is still not working on my game. What’s the case?` _Your game must run on DirectX 9 and above in order to make it work. On the other hand, there are games that SweetFX doesn’t support such as the ones that run through OpenGL rendering. Other issues have also stated that SweetFX does not work well on the Windows 8.1 Operating System. Though, the developers of SweetFX are working on them to make it compatible to any game and OS._ [IMPORTANT] `Are there any consequences that I might encounter when I use SweetFX on one of my video games?` _Basically, your game’s performance will run a bit slower, but that depends on what effect that you enabled on SweetFX. ALSO, this tool could cause VAC bans on Valve's multiplayer games. The .dll extension file of SweetFX is detected as a hack/cheat to VAC, so I suggest you only use it when offline, or better if you never use it on any multiplayer based games made by Valve!_ `Does RadeonPro also work on different video card brands?` _I’ve read that it also works for Nvidia drivers even if RadeonPro was built exclusively for ATI/AMD Users. I haven’t taken the risk to do so however._ `What if my question is not included in Y.P.Q.?` _Ha! You’re on your own! EHUEHUEHUE… in all seriousness, just place your questions on the comments below. If you need clarifications on the tutorial, just ask as well!_

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