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Inspection Sequence Loop Tutorial - A Tutorial for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Hello there! If you're reading this, you probably came across the problem where your custom "lookat" animation did not loop as expected, because you have no idea what "{ event AE\_BEGIN\_TAUNT\_LOOP 90 "0.2066" }" means. Keep reading and you'll learn how! In this tutorial, I'll be using my AWP animation as an example.


- Know how to do everything except when I'm about to teach you - Knowledge on how to work around a QC script - Know how to mess with animations


Firstly, make sure the weapon compile is actually functioning. Now, figure out which frame you want the loop to end and the frame you want the loop to start. For example, mine plays until frame 90 and then I want it to return to frame 25 and repeat. Remember those 2 frames of your own sequence.


Now, what you want to do is add this to your QC script, under the "lookat" sequence:
	{ event 5004 25 "Weapon_AWP.BoltForward" }
What this does is add a sound of "awp_boltforward" to frame 25, which you should replace with whatever frame your loop begins with. It does not matter what sound it is. Also, change the whole number to whatever frame your loop ends on, in my case it is frame 90. It should now look a little something like this:
$sequence "lookat01" "inspect.smd" {
	fps 30
	fadein 0.3
	fadeout 0.3
	{ event AE\_BEGIN\_TAUNT\_LOOP 90 "0.2066" }
	{ event 5004 25 "Weapon\_AWP.BoltForward" }
Compile your skin.


Open up your CS:GO model viewer, which you can find in the CS:GO SDK under the tools category from the Steam Library. Make sure you rename the skin as you would when installing it, in my example we would open pak01_dir.vpk with Notepad++ and rename all instances of "v\_snip\_awp" with "v\_snip\_awa" or "awb" or whatever. Load your skin in the model viewer and look at the 2nd screenshot.


If you figured out that you should replace the decimals in
	{ event AE\_BEGIN\_TAUNT\_LOOP 90 "0.2066" }
with whatever the events log gave you, well done c: So now, remove the unnecessary sound event and replace the random numbers with whatever you have and \*GASP* your inspection is now looping as intended.
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    Great tutorial mate! I'm sure this will come in handy for a lot of people that mod for CS:GO!
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