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Making a symmetrical map - A Tutorial for Team Fortress Classic

Requirements: - Hammer Editor - TFC - tfc.wad and tfc2.wad _______ In this quick tutorial I'll show you how to make a simple map symmetrical for 2-team gameplay (preferably CTF). Make sure your main layout for your base or whatever is completed and is on one side of hammer's origin. The green line shows exactly where the origin is on the X axis, and the half-way point of your map should halt right there. if you have multiple paths that halt on the origin correctly, make sure that when the whole map is flipped that the paths end up properly on the map. Once all of this is set, your base should be completely textured how you want it and only consisting of red team textures. Once this is done, select your whole map by going to Edit -> Select All. Your entire map should turn red. When this happens, press Ctrl+C to copy the entire map. Open a new document and paste the map into it with Ctrl+V. This part is the most important. Since we are dealing with TFC's red and blue team bases, every red texture has a blue variant. So what this means is now we need to replace all of the textures we used with their blue counter-parts. The way to do this is to select a single red texture on a brush, and open the texture application. Click "Replace" and a window should appear. Click the Browse button on the right and find the corresponding texture to what you selected. The easiest way to do this is to check the box that says "Only Used Textures". Find the texture you are going to replace, click on it, then uncheck the "only used textures" box. When you do this, the selected texture will remain selected, and its blue variant should appear somewhere near it. Select it and click OK. A message should appear saying "# textures replaced." Do this until every red texture is now blue. The best way to check if this is completed is to click Browse on the right to see your textures, and check "Only Used Textures" to make sure there are no more red textures in use. Now once this is done, do Select All and Ctrl+C again and open your original map back up. Paste the new blue map into it and do not click anywhere. First, **make sure Texture Lock is on!** Fix the height of the new blue map so it is equal to the first red map. now align it to the other side of the origin. Here are 2 options you can do depending on how you want your map Flagrun-style symmetry: When you have your map aligned and centered perfectly, go to Tools -> Flip Objects -> Flip vertically. Align your map again in case it misaligned after the flip. This will give you whole map a mirrored symmetry. 2Fort-style symmetry: After you aligned your map, press Ctrl+M and a small window should pop up. Keep Rotate ticked, and in the Z field, type 180 and hit OK. This symmetry makes sure that both bases are completely equal and balanced. Now all that is left to do is fix the team-based entities accordingly. You can do this when you have the blue base in the new document to make it a little easier, but either method should work fine. If you have trigger brushes, make sure they all have new names or else they will screw up, like doors or buttons. ______ Thank you for reading, -squeezit