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Supports and their runepages. - A Tutorial for League of Legends

Supports are an underestimated class of League of Legends that can turn games with good mechanics and win fights with fast decision making. When it comes to the duo lane, the support is mostly the one that can make or break the lane by harassing the enemy carry and sustaining his own. I have played approximately 750 games as support and will show you the runepages I use under different circumstances. This is of course not the only viable option and personal preference should always be accounted for. **The tank page.** I recommend this page for every hard initiator that's melee and thus shall be taking hits when in battle. Good examples are: Leona, Taric, Thresh* and Alistar. *Not a Melee champion, but will always be in close range if played to his maximum capabilities. The champions I picked for this page are naturally tanky characters that have some form of hard initiation. Leona will initiate with either her Zenith blade or her Solar Flare, Taric will Dazzle and hug the enemy, Thresh will Death sentence into Death Leap and Alistar Will either Pulverize/Headbutt or Headbutt/Pulverize. **The movement speed page.** I recommend this page for champion that benefit a lot from having increased movement speed. Good examples are: Thresh, Sona, Janna and Taric The champions I picked here benefit from movement speed for multiple reasons. Thresh can make his way into the battle using his Box to spread up the fight and slow people, Sona will have even more movement speed during her Song of Celerity and will have better opportunities to crescendo, Janna's already a fast woman with her passive and the passive from her Zephyr and Taric can use the bonus movement speed to land stuns on enemies throughout the entire game. **The gold page.** I recommend this page for both passive play as ward agressive play. Good examples are: Blitzcrack, Fiddlesticks, Sona and Thresh The champions I picked here benefit from pink wards and picking of enemies. Blitzcrank loves pulling from the fog of war, Fiddlesticks' Crowstorm can be devestating if you don't see it coming, Sona's Flash+Crescendo works best when unseen and Thresh's Death Sentence + Death Leap will make me cry alone in the dark if I never even saw it coming. **The hybrid penetration page.** I recommend this page for agressive poking with both abilities and autoattacks. Good examples are: Lulu, Zyra, Annie and Sona. The champions I picked here are strong autoattackers and have good base damage on their abilities to justify using magic penetration. Lulu's auto attack is empowered by her passive which adds magic damage to her auto attacks, Zyra's plants combined with her basic attacks deal mean damage in lane and should not be messed with, Annie has the longest range of all AP carries and with her stun every 4 abilities she's a real threat if she gets as low as half health and Sona has not only her empowered auto attack from her power chord which adds a lot of magic damage but also the bonus AD and AP from her Hymn of Valor which adds even more to her already insane poking ability.
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    Can we get their names? Like what quints, glyphs etc?
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