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A Tutorial for Half-Life: Source

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Simple way to create a server!

Hi there, I am gonna tell you how to create a server for Half-Life DeathMatch Source. Lets start from STEP 1:- STEP 1:- Download the tool from the link, if you have any old tool install, just delete them first and download from the link which is given below. HLDS update tool STEP 2:- Now go to the install directory where you installed hldsupdatetool. for example I installed it in C: Drive so it'll look like that (c:\srcds) Now create a TXT file in the folder, open the text file and paste the command which is given below.
HldsUpdateTool.exe -command update -game episode1 -dir c:\srcds
now save it as as a BAT file (click on file->save as, type this file name: ep1.bat, file type: all files ), or download this file from this link and put it in your installation folder (c:\srcds). Run as admin so the files can fully downloaded without any error. Now you can see Dos file is created with name ep1,double click on it and suddenly 2 console windows show on your screen just like in this picture.
Do not close anything and let it do its work and after a few minutes it will start downloading the files, when you can see a hl2 folder is created its mean its working :}
When it start downloading the files one console window will close itself so you don't need to worry about that, in the other window you see a list of files being downloaded, when all files are done the console closes itself as well. Step 3:- Now you have to download Half-Life Deathmatch Source files. - hl1mp-Source.part1.rar
- hl1mp-Source.part2.rar
- hl1mp-Source.part3.rar
- hl1mp-Source.part4.rar
- hl1mp-edit.rar Step 4:- After downloading this file, open hl1mp-Source.part1 and click on hl1mp folder and extract it to your server location wich is (c:\srcds).
Step 5:- now click on srcds.exe, change your server name to what ever you like it to be and start your server. To SERVER PROVIDER, USE THIS CAMMAND AFTER INSTALLATION -game hl1mp -console -ip your ip address here -port 27015 +maxplayers 16 +exec server.cfg +map dms\_spookface1 If you want to change server name then you have to go to the cfg folder which is located in c:\srcds\hl1mp\cfg\, look for file name server.cfg open the file in text and type anything after hostname. example: hostname " My Dededicated server " type any thing between " " press control+ S or click file and save it and run the server. If your using plugins and want to be admin then go to C:\srcds\hl1mp\cfg\mani\_admin\_plugin, look for file name adminlist.txt open it and scroll down to the end as you can see my steam id already there just like that.
STEAM\_0:1:12134131 remwzylftdgjRVvQCABDFHKMNOPTUWXYSZPL //rehan
Replace steam id STEAM\_0:1:12134131 to your steam id and save it. You can get your Steam id when you join any server and bring down console, type stats or status and it will provide your steam id, make sure the server was empty or make your own server. You're done BIG THANKS TO 1157 to provide me Plugins Psychoman to provide me cuz\_skins


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