Changing GTA:VC background

A Tutorial for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

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How to change GTA:VC menu background

Hi everyone,

In this tutorial I'd like to show you how to change Grand Theft Auto Vice City (GTA:VC) background.

Necessary software:
» Adobe Photoshop
» TXD workshop

Step #1

 First of all, you gotta find an image you like to replace the default background. Its size should be 512x512 pixels (width x height).

Step #2

 Run Photoshop

Step #3

(Continue to Step #4, if your image is already 512x512 pixels!)
   Editing (changing image size):
 3.1. Open your image (CTRL + O or File > Open...)
Screenshot 1
 3.2. Create a document (CTRL + N or File > New...) with these settings:
Screenshot 2
 3.3. Select "Move Tool" or press "V" button on your keyboard
Screenshot 3
 3.4. Move your image to the document created in 3.2. like this (drag and drop):

Step #4

 4.1. Save your image as .TGA (CTRL + SHIFT + S or File > Save As...)
Screenshot 4
 With these TGA Options:
Screenshot 5

Step #5

 Run TXD workshop

Step #6

 6.1. Open "fronten1.txd" (CTRL + O or File > Open)
 * This file is located in "models" folder in GTA:VC directory.
Screenshot 6
 ** Make sure that the programm is working with "GTA VC" TXD files
Screenshot 7
 6.2. Select the third item in the image list.
Screenshot 8
 6.3. Press "Import" button and choose your image ("background.TGA")
Screenshot 9
 6.4. This is what you gonna see:
Screenshot 10
 6.5. Press "Save TXD" button (or CTRL +S, or File > Save)
Screenshot 11

Step #7

Test it!
Screenshot 12
Enjoy ;)




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