Balanar the Night Stalker

A Tutorial for Dota 2

A guide on playing Night Stalker

Day walker night stalker - lore ================== Of the Night Stalker, there is no history—only stories. There are ancient tales woven into the lore of every race and every culture, of an impossible time before sunlight and daytime, when night reigned alone and the world was covered with the creatures of darkness—creatures like Balanar the Night Stalker. It is said that on the dawn of the First Day, all the night creatures perished. All, that is, save one. Evil's embodiment, Night Stalker delights in his malevolence. He created the primal role of the Night Terror, the Boogeyman, and as long as there have been younglings, his is the specter summoned to terrify them. This is a role he relishes—nor are these empty theatrics. He does indeed stalk the unwary, the defenseless, those who have strayed beyond the lighted paths or denied the warnings of their communities. Night Stalker serves as living proof that every child's worst nightmare... is true. Quick alt+tab/shift+tab guide ================== Skill build: Item build: Starting items:
![]( "tango") ![]( "salve") ![]( "gaunts")![]( "gaunts") ![]( "branch") ![]( "branch") starting extension;
![]( "clarity") ![]( "Qblade") ![]( "Sshield") ![]( "Mstick") Early game:
![]( "boots") ![]( "gaunts") ![]( "gaunts") ![]( "Mwand")
If you're going mid:
![]( "bottle") Core;
![]( "phase") / ![]( "Pthreads") ![]( "UrnShadows") ![]( "Rape machine") core extension;
![]( "BkB") ![]( "HotD") ![]( "Bash their brains") luxury/Situational;
![]( "Ablade") ![]( "Hdefiance") ![]( "daedalus") ![]( "ArmMord") ![]( "satanic") ![]( "cuirass") ![]( "Heart") Hero introduction ================== ![]( "minibalanar")
Hello and welcome to my guide of Night stalker. With this guide I'll try and help you improve your perfmormance with night stalker, since the dota2 section of fpsb has been lacking in content i thought i'd write a guide for the banana.
Now, Night stalker is possibly one of the best gankers in the game, however to play him effectivly you need to have one(1) or more of the following, common sense, a rather large set of balls and(or) quick judgment on whether to chase after a kill. ------------------ Before the guide really starts, let me lay down some ground rules! - Like the name says Night _STALKER_ , meaning during the night you stalk other heroes, so sitting in lane and farming is usually a bad option. - Diving a hero under his tower is Night stalker's specialty, with his starting armour of 5.52 and 587 base hp you're a really tanky bastard in the early game, try and take advantage of this, as for tower diving try and do this AFTER you've gotten an urn of shadows so you can heal after the dive. This however is not a license to dive at every ocasion, you need to judge wether the kill is worth it or if in fact you're really capable of sucessfully diving, this is why most Night stalkers **FAIL** - Contrary to popular belief DOTA is a game of strategy, and your enemies are real human beings, with emotions.
Night Stalker can be compared to pudge, in the sense that if the other team has an exelent pudge that can pull off some amazing hooks, the team that's playing against him, will start going on the defensive side, because they know the killing potential he has, and start buying defensive items like wards ,start falling back when its night etc:. - Its very important to build your hero according to the situation, no matter how broken the vison of the scepter is ![]( "rape machine") it doesnt do much if you get instagibbed in teamfights by burst damage or simply permastunned to death, never understimate the value of a Bkb ![]( "bkb") or if its just general burst get a hood ![]( "hood"). General hero info ================== ![]( "balanar")
![]( "str") 23 + 2.8 ![]( "agi") 18 + 2.25 ![]( "int") 16 + 1.6 Starting stats
- Hit Points 587
- Mana 208
- Damage 57-61
- Armor 5.52
- Attacks / Second 0.69
General stats
- Movement Speed 295
- Turn Rate 0.5
- Sight Range 1200/1800
- Attack Range Melee
- Missile Speed Instant
- Attack Duration 0.55+0.55
- Cast Duration 0.3+0.3
- Base Attack Time 1.7
Skills (courtesy of dota 2 wiki) ==================
- Your bread and butter, a nuke/slow rolled into one package, it also ministuns, to cockblock anyone who tries to tp away. How ever it isnt always the best option to initiate with void, more on that later in the guide.
- Did I mention it also slows attack speed? Well it does.
- This is your way of countering any caster / nuker on the oposing team, with a base silence of 5 seconds at night, wich is alot, with a maximum of 8 seconds at night, it can be game breaking in a team fight.
- This is what makes every squishy fucker on the enemy team fear you. At night not only are you spells more effective in terms of duration, but you're also faster, and attack faster as well.
- Night stalker is only usefull during half of the game right? WRONG! His ultimate makes everything dark, stopping time during the duration of the ultimate, and essencially summoning night whenever you need it. NOTE: remember when i said it freezes time, yeah it does, so try and use this during night time, to lengthen the "natural" night cycle essencially, granting you extra night time to roam around. Pros and cons ================== [+]Really tanky early/mid game
[+]One of the fastest heroes without items (during the night)
[+]With a few sucessfull ganks he can become really over powered (until late game comes)
[+]Has a maphack that costs 4200(only works during the night)
[+]Great combo of skills
[+]Very capable of being a semi-carry/side-carry/carry/Tank
[+]exeptional roamer [-]melle
[-]needs gold in order to afford a few items before the first night comes.
[-]level dependent
[-]Not excacly freightening during the day.
[-]requires some basic knowlege, and reflex for juking clutch urn charges, escaping/initiating.
I remember the first day - early game ================== Choosing your lane;
Solo mid: It is generally best but, not always optimal to send night stalker mid, although it's true that he will reach the first night alot stronger than he would be in dual side lane, but depending on who he will be going up against, it might be better to send him in a side lane with either a babysitter or an agressive lane partener, because a nighstalker with first blood money and experience before the first night, is a night stalker that is generally going to snowball. Dual safe lane: This would be the ideal situation for a night stalker, since with a decent baby sitter he will be able to farm an urn and a set of boots, and when night comes, a support can pull the neutrals and have your opponents in a vulnurable position to secure a kill. Also when night comes your lane partner will be able to enjoy free farm while you're out roaming. Solo offlane: No, just no. I can see how this would beneficial in theory because of the solo levels, its just that night stalker doesnt have any big farming mechanism despite void, and that single target, and night stalker is melle, so unless you want a hell-ish lane pick one of the other options. Starting items:
![]( "tango") ![]( "salve") ![]( "gaunts")![]( "gaunts") ![]( "branch") ![]( "branch") starting extensions;
![]( "clarity") ![]( "Qblade") ![]( "Sshield") ![]( "Mstick") The recomended above are great, but if you think you're gonna need some extra unf to get last hits get a Quelling blade, or if you think you're gonna get shit out of last hits get some clarities so you can farm with void, if heavy harass get a stout shield. Night Time is my time - the first night ================== AT this point you should be level 5-6 if you're on a side lane 7-8 ish if you're mid, I cannot stress how important it is to have at LEAST, an urn and some boots even if boots of speed. This is vital for ganking because you need to get quickly from point A to point B, to gank, and an urn to heal yourself or help in damaging enemies in early ganks. Vital items for ganking: ![]( "smoke") ![]( "tp") Pay attention numb nuts, so you dont fuck up a gank.
The rules of engaging with night stalker are simple;
- If you get a rune in your bottle, good for you make sure to put it to good use and go gank a lane
- don't have a bootle or rune? now you need to be more carefull here a quick guide on how to engange; engaging a dual lane
------------------ - Do they have a stun/escape mechanism/ thing that can fuck up the gank?
Silence them.
- Are they squishy without an escape mechanism or stun or do they just look tasty?
Void them and urn them and right click to your hearts content.
engaging some one solo
------------------ although it might be tempting to go to someone with the mentality of "FREE GOLD" and just combo void with silence and expect them to die. In reality it might not be so simple so stop being a moron.
Nightstalker's greatest counter isn't magical damage or slows, it is in fact the humble tp, ![]( "tp") remember that your void ministuns right? and what stops a channeling spell like a tp scroll? a mini stun or a stun. If you blow your void initiating a gank on someone solo if he's smart and has a tp on him he will just happilly tp back base and shit on your face.
Habbit number 1;
- keep an eye on your victim's inventories to check for tp's
- don't initiate with void, initate with silence and an urn charge if you're too lazy to check for tp's The tp should be a no brainer, but smoke ocasionally will be required, comunicate with the side lanes to check their inventories for wards, even if they dont see any wards in their inventory smoke up and go gank them. At this point you should probably be getting an upgrade to your boots, if you like to switch between str and int to save mana, then pick up some threads ![]( "threads") or if you think the extra damage + unit walking will come in handy pick up a set of phase boots ![]( "phase"), if possible go ahead and pick up a point booster ![]( "point booster") so you can work up an aghanims ![]( "aghanims") , if you think a bkb wont be required, this depending on the game. not this again - mid game ================== By this point you should have a nice ammount of urn charges to sustain you, and hopefully a point booster ![]( "booster")/ogre club ![]( "club") and are working towards an aghanims![]( "aghanims"), now that you're slow as fuck and no longer the feasome creature with a vagina in its face, focus on getting last hits and finish up what you started so you can prepare for some fun times in the second night. No matter what happens during mid game don't be afraid to use your ultimate and bring some hell on the other team if the situation calls for it, jsut make sure its well spent you don't wanna lengthen the day time, because lets be honest you didn't pick nighstalker to be farming.
Another use of you ultimate is escaping ganks, keep an eye on the map, you don't wanna waste an ult and prolong daytime just so you can survive, or worse die. Core;
![]( "phase") / ![]( "Pthreads") ![]( "UrnShadows") ![]( "Rape machine") core extension;
![]( "BkB") ![]( "HotD") ![]( "Bash their brains") The reason why anyone would want to get a scepter on night stalker, is definetly not because of the stats it brings (although they help to sustain your spells and help you tank during mid game), it's because of this the legal map hack;
Being able to see over trees and other terrain makes escaping night stalker impossible, unless they can out run you or something.
The reason you would get a bkb is obvious, the other team shuts you down with permastuns or nuking you into oblivion, although a hood also helps in the resisting nuking. This said a hood isnt always needed, sometimes a cloak is just what you need, if you dont wanna spend too much on a hood. If you think you're covered in terms of tanking items and the other team doesnt last too mcuh in your presence make sure to get either a Helm of the dominator, so you can start carrying, the damage and armour works wonders. The basher is just if you wanna go overkill on the other team the bashes make it so you dont have to void them to slow them. eternal darkness - late game ================== Right matey, if you've done this properly then at this point you should have a lvl 3 ultimate and night time the normal night cycle should never fucking end, congratulation you have reached eternal night a.k.a late game. If you KDA is something along the lines 21/04/09 then congratulations you have been sucessfull in eating the other team's face, and your games was a sucess, now its time to open up the wallet and start investing in some great items. luxury/Situational;
![]( "Ablade") ![]( "Hdefiance") ![]( "daedalus") ![]( "ArmMord") ![]( "satanic") ![]( "cuirass") ![]( "Heart") Abyssal blade a great item to upgrade if all you want is raw damage coupled with the passive bashes, not to mention you get an active ability to stun an enemy hero.
hood of defiance not always recommended, maybe it would be better to get a bkb, or just tank up with a cloak and go build another item.
What's more awesome than having a passive ability that give you attack speed? abusing that attack speed with crits and having more damage.
The armlet is more of an item that's price efficent, and usually get it if the game's going poorly the stats and the ability to play around with the active ability lets you juke death.
What's better than 15% lifesteal? that's right 25% lifesteal +40 str and an active that grants you 175% lifesteal for a limited ammount of time, it is however fucking expensive but if you think the price is worth it go for it.
assault cuirass is an all around good item for night stalker, it gives a great ammount of tankablity, with attack speed and a negative armour aura it lets you melt any supports while tanking the physical damage from the carry.
heart of tarrasque? did you buy it? Good, now go eat their faces because you are now unkillable. Final thoughts/ credits; ================== im sure some of you fuckers didnt read the whole thing so here goes a short tl;dr version
stay safe until the 1st night comes, start ganking once you have an urn some boots and at leats level 5/6. Once night comes dont farm like an idiot you're on of the best gankers out there;
once day comes stay safe and farm your items, dont be afraid to use your ult to intitate in TEAMFIGHTS, and escape from ganks.
once its night again get your ass out there and show off your new items. Credits:
- Icefrog for developing wc3 dota
- dota 2 wiki for being overall helpfull supplying icons and stats
- [se7en]( "") for providing me with a cleaner skill build. Released on 12/12/1012
version 1.1
changes so far:
Changed the look of the skill build mad props to [se7en]( "")
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    > **Posted by Rockeiro** > > **Posted by NeoHL** > > > ![]( "") > > > > But... Good tutorial! > > how do you know if its good if you didn't read it? wtf? its the best tutorial for the dota2 hero balanar, although i dont need it anymore, coz i mastered all the heroes on dota and dota2 :)


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    > **Posted by NeoHL** > ![]( "") > > But... Good tutorial! how do you know if its good if you didn't read it?
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