Mordekaiser Guide

A Tutorial for League of Legends

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**Mordekaiser Build Guide** =========================== Mordekaiser is a strong and tanky caster-type character with high sustain. With the right build, you can outlast most other casters with some exceptions. Using high Area of Effect damage, Mordekaiser can push lanes out with little to no risk, which allows him to sneak out of lane for short durations to take buffs and farm wraiths. **Pros** --------------- - Passive gives him a shield that blocks all incoming damage until depleted. - Strong pusher - High sustain allows him to build AP almost exclusively - AoE damage allows him to farm effectively **Cons** --------------- - Passive tends to scale down late-game - Pushing lane tends to piss off your jungler - Can be countered with strong burst and magic resist **Runes** --------------- - Flat Ability Power Glyphs - Flat Ability Power Quintessences - Flat Armor Seals - Magic Penetration Marks **Masteries** --------------- I tend to go 21/9/0 with Mordekaiser. You can also play him 9/21/0 but he tends to have trouble dealing damage early-game. **Summoner Spells** --------------- - Flash & Ignite are Mordekaiser's bread and butter. Because he doesn't have an escapes, flash is very necessary. Ignite is useful to combine with his ult to try to deal the most damage over time as you can. - Depending on your play style you may want to take Heal instead of ignite. It can be useful, but I suggest you always take flash. **Purchase Order** --------------- 1. Boots & Health Pots 2. Upgraded boots (Sorcerors boots or Mercury's Treads) 3. Hextech Revolver 4. Blasting Wand 5. Will of the Ancients 6. From here the build is situational. I tend to lean towards getting a Void Staff followed by Rylai's Scepter. 7. By late-game I always try to get a Rabadon's if possible but by this point you're in team fights so you'll want to build a Zhonya's first. **Abilities** --------------- I tend to get my E (Siphon of Destruction) first and max it as soon as possible. Q and W will be used to keep shield up while your siphon is down. Ultimate (R) will be used to secure kills. During late-game skirmishes always try to focus the enemy AD Carry, as they will be the most effective as a minion. If you liked my guide, please leave a rating. League of Legends is a free to play game. [Sign up for League of Legends here.]( * REFERRAL LINK REMOVED



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