L4D Rotoblin Tutorial (2012)

A Tutorial for Left 4 Dead

A tutorial on enabling rotoblin, skeet practice and hunters-only.

### INTRO So, you're still playing L4D in 2012 eh? Well, good for you. If you're even interested in rotoblin, hunters-only versus, or skeet practice, then you're probably not too much of a baddie, and even if you are, you won't be soon! ### REQUIRED: L4D Game
A server (I use gameservers - help a bro out and get one [here](http://www.gameservers.com/?ref=1653452 "here") )
An FTP Program (I recommend [CyberDuck](http://www.cyberduck.ch "CyberDuck") )
Half a brain ### PREAMBLE: Well, actually getting the configs and plugins set up isn't really that hard, but finding them all and getting them to all play nicely is. It is important that you follow this tutorial in order, so just do that k?
### STEP 1: SERVER CONFIGURATION Once you have your server purchased/set-up, there are a few things you need to install. The first two are MetaMod and SourceMod. They can be found at the following links and are updated regularly.
[MetaMod Download Page](http://metamod.org/ "Metamod Download Page")
[SoureMod Download Page](http://www.sourcemod.net/downloads.php "SourceMod Downlod Page")
Note: Download the type of file (windows/linux) for your _server_ OS, not your computer.
Ok, now that you have those files open up your FTP program and using the login details provided by your server provider, connect to your server. Now navigate to your l4d/left4dead folder. This is where you want to drag and drop the downloaded MetaMod and SourceMod files. The next thing you want to do, is install Stripper. Yes, it takes things off, but not what you were thinking. Following the same method as above, put the content of your download onto your server via FTP. [Stripper Download Page](http://www.bailopan.net/stripper/#install "Stripper Download Page") Hey for good measure, let's restart your server! Once you have done that, it's time to add yourself as a SourceMod admin for your server. This is important because you're going to need it to execute the Roto configs. Navigate to l4d/left4dead/addons/sourcemod/configs/admins.cfg and open it with a text editor. At the bottom, add (or replace) the following text: Admins
"auth" "steam"
"identity" "STEAM_0:0:YOURSTEAMID"
"flags" "z"
"immunity" "99"
Save, and restart server.
### STEP 2: ROTOBLIN INSTALLATION Ok, so now that you have the basics installed, it's time to get standard Rotoblin up on your server. Again, this isn't too hard (lucky you)! Head on over to the rotoblin download page, and download the zip file: [Rotoblin Download Page](http://code.google.com/p/rotoblin/downloads/list "Rotoblin Download Page") Again, using your FTP program, get those files where they need to go! Once everything is installed, restart your server.
### STEP 3: TEST ROTO Before proceeding, it would be wise to test that everything is set up and working. Get a friend, and create a lobby. In console, type "mm _ dedicated _ force _ servers YOURSERVERIP (remove spaces in between underscores) and start the game. You should now be loaded into your server. If you set up your admin correctly, type **"!admin"** in your chat and a menu on the left should come up. If it does, you're good to go. If not, see the SourceMod wiki for adding admins. Next, it's time to test your roto installation. Again in chat, type **"!execcfg rotoblin.cfg"**. You should see a bunch of text come up in chat, as well as a message saying "restarting in 5 seconds". Your game will restart and YOU ARE NOW IN ROTO!! Do a happy dance and go find six more people to play with. If this is all you wanted, you can stop here, give me a high five, and be on your merry way.
### STEP 4: HUNTERS ONLY ETC. _Note: SDHooks is automagically installed during your sourcemod installation. No need to install it again._
Ok, if you really are playing L4D in 2012, you will know that finding eight people willing to play roto is harder than finding a deadstop in a pub game. Good news: you don't need eight people to play L4D versus. The guys (girls? girl? guy? it?) over at TeamClerks have created some VERY fun modes to play, including 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 3v3 hunters only, 4v4 hunters only, pub ROTO and skeet practice modes. They are a little hard to find, which is why I wanted to get this tutorial up on the internet so that Google can do its job. How to get them? I'll show you. First of all, head over to the [teamclerks source page](http://code.google.com/p/teamclerks-l4d-utils/source/browse/ "teamclerks source page"). You are going to have to download EACH INDIVIDUAL GAME MODE and accompanying script, and manually put them onto your server. Using the virtual navigation on the teamclerks page, go to **git/src/cfg**, and open EACH file on the right in a new page. At the bottom right of your newly-opened page, you will see **"View RAW file"** under **"File info"**. Click this for every page, and the source file will go to your downloads folder. Do the same thing for all of the scrips in **scripting/rotoblin, scripting/rotoblin/helpers, scripting/teamclerks** and **scripting/teamclerks/helpers**. With all of your files now downloaded, you need to upload the files to their proper place using your FTP program again. The config files go in **l4d/left4dead/cfg** and the scripts go in **l4d/left4dead/addons/sourcemod/scripting**. You will need to create the rotoblin, teamclerks and helper folders. Once done, restart your server.
### STEP 5: TESTING THE OTHER CONFIGS Well, grab your buddy again, create a lobby, and force it to go to your server. Once in, you need to execute the config file of your choice. To do that, you have to execute the name of the config files you installed earlier: Example (in chat, no quotes):
!execconfig skeet_practice.cfg
!execconfig 3v3h.cfg

### YOU'RE DONE! Hopefully, everything is working for you! These game modes are a lot of fun, and are perfect for a game that has less and less people on it! If you're just getting in to L4D, I would highly recommend doing some skeet practice - boomers and smokers are easy to deal with, but getting that skeet or deadstop in can literally save a match. I hope you found this tutorial helpful, informative or even MIND-BLOWING. If you did, leave a comment. If I got something wrong (people who know what they're doing), leave a comment! If you are looking to rent a server, you can thank me by using the link at the start - it helps me keep my server running and doesn't cost you a thing!
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