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Simple Autotuning

A Tutorial for GameBanana

A simple autotuning tutorial for video intros and what-not.

Note1: ------ I am assuming you know how to install VST plugins. If not, simply go to your _Program Files_ folder (this is the default location of the _Vstplugins_ folder.) Place the VST plugin, it should be a .DLL file, in the folder and REAPER should load it automatically. Note2: ----- Autotuning usually **ONLY** works on voices! Trying to autotune something other than that will result in a terrible sounding audio! Note3: ----- I recommend KeroVee as it yields the best results. This tutorial should work for other plugins. The Setup ========= - Obviously you would open REAPER v0.999 or higher. (_**Please note** that REAPER v0.999 is free, software of higher versions cost money! I am using the latest version of REAPER. Though things look different it is basically the same thing._ If you need extra help or have questions then please comment about it or send me a PM!) - Create two tracks and name them whatever you want. [[screenshot]]( "") - I like to be organised and name mine according to what their purpose will be. (Such as naming the track that will hold the MIDI track "mid" and the audio track that we will autotune "aud".) - Place the audio file in which you will autotune in one of the tracks and place a MIDI file on the other track. Right now, I will show how to autotune using existing MIDI files. Later in the tutorial I will teach how to make your own notes to tune to. [[screenshot]]( "") - On the track containing the MIDI, click the _I/O_ button on the track or a button that says "_Sends, Receives, and Hardware Output Options_". - In the new window that pops up, **click** where it says _Add new send..._ and select the track that has the audio you wish to autotune. [[screenshot]]( "") - Now click the FX button on the audio track. Wait for it to scan for plugins. When it finishes, in the filters bar, **type** in Kero and double click _VST: Kerovee (g200kg)_. The Audio Editing ============== _Here is the point where you actually get to do some fun stuff and experiment with it._ _I'm assuming you know the basic features of REAPER but if you don't, here is a quick summary of things you can do._ - Choosing a place on the audio and pressing **S** splits the audio clip where you clicked. - Grabbing the edge of the clip, holding ALT and dragging either direction will speed up or slow down the clip. - Obviously, just grabbing the edge of a clip and moving will cut it but hold **Shift** while you do this will disable grid snapping while doing so. This also works for speeding up/slowing down. - If you want to adjust the volume of the clip but don't want to change the track volume, move the cursor to the top edge of the sound clip until it turns into the **up and down arrow cursor**. Move the cursor down to lower the volume and move it back up to raise the volume. (If the volume is at default then moving it up does nothing.) Editing the MIDI+Making your own notes -------------------------------------- Editing the MIDI ================ - If the pitch of the MIDI is too high or low it can make the audio sound very bad. - To fix this you **double click** the MIDI clip here you can adjust the notes to get the correct pitch. - Holding **Control** and **A** selects all the notes. - Right clicking and dragging selects notes. - To create a note **Click** somewhere on the grid and drag to your right to make a note and adjust the length of it. - You can adjust the lengths of multiple notes by **Selecting** multiple notes. - To delete a note select it and press **Delete**. [[screenshot]]( "") Making your own notes ===================== **If you are feeling creative and want to make your own notes to tune to then simple do these steps:** - On the MIDI track, **Select** a good portion of the track that goes further than the audio (just to be safe). - Go to the top and go to _Insert_ > _Insert new MIDI item_. This creates a MIDI track where you can add notes and edit them using the steps in **Editing the MIDI** Finally ======= You now know how to autotune voices and make crappy hip-hop/rap songs **(JK!)**. If you need extra help or have questions then please comment about it or send me a PM!
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