How to improve your performance.

A Tutorial for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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There are many different ways to improve your performance in Skyrim and some of them are: 1)Lower the graphic settings in game: ------------------------------------- Just copy my settings: ![]( "") ![]( "") ![]( "") 2)If you got any more RAM to spare for the game then check this tutorial: ------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3)Use the “Skyrim FPS booster” by Tris -------------------------------------- [Here]( "") -------------------------------------------------- Instructions on how to install and use this tool: ------------------------------------------------- Installation: Simply unzip .zip file and replace your d3d9.dll in your Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim with this one. Thanks to Beserkerkitten: ENB USERS: First, don't overwrite the d3d9.dll in your skyrim directory which is part of your ENB. Rename the d3d9.dll that comes with the FPS booster. Let's go with boost_d3d9.dll for now. AFTER renaming it, you can copy the boost_d3d9.dll into your skyrim directory without overwriting anything. Now open up enbseries.ini and at the very beginning it should say [PROXY], so you change that bit until it looks like this: [PROXY] EnableProxyLibrary=true InitProxyFunctions=true ProxyLibrary=boost_d3d9.dll Save the file and that's it. Or just read the description on the site. ------------------------------------------ 4)Mess with the SkyrimPrefs.ini ------------------------------- -Go to “My Documents/My Games/Skyrim” or “Documents/My Games/Skyrim” and open “SkyrimPrefs.ini” with notepad. ![]( "") After you did that press “Ctrl” and “f” at the same time to find some specific lines. Put on the search box (without the quotes): -“bTreesReceiveShadows=” -“bDrawLandShadows=” -“bShadowsOnGrass=” -“bDrawShadows=” -“bDoDepthOfField=” Change them to: --------------- -“bTreesReceiveShadows=0” -“bDrawLandShadows=0” -“bShadowsOnGrass=0” -“bDrawShadows=0” -“bDoDepthOfField=0” You can always find more lines and fix them! 5)Saving some more RAM. ----------------------- Go right click on your computer shortcut and select "properties" ![]( "") Then go to "Advanced system settings" ![]( "") Right after that go to "Advanced" tab and under "performance" select "settings" ![]( "") A window will pop-out. Go to "Visual Effects" tab and check the "Adjust for best performance" ![]( "") Click "Apply" and close the windows. This method will save at least 1Gb RAM so that the game can run faster. 6)Messing with Skyrim's shortcut. --------------------------------- Go to your desktop and find your game's shortcut. Right after you find it right click it and select properties. ![]( "") Go to "Compatibility" tab and check "Disable visual themes" , "Disable desktop composition" and if you want check "Run in 640x480 screen resolution" ![]( "") 7)Some useful tips. ------------------- Before playing any game do a "disk cleanup" , "disk defragment" and "disk error checking" To do all these go to your "Computer" shortcut and open it, right after that right click on your Local Disk and select "properties" ![]( "") Go to "General" tab and click on the "Disk Cleanup" button. ![]( "") Now go to "Tools" tab and click on these buttons: ![]( "") 8)Some more quick tips. ----------------------- Before running any game close all unnecessary applications like antivirus,internet,some folder and etc... 9)Console commands. ------------------- Open up your console by pressing "`" (without the quotes) and type "tll" (without the quotes). That will reduce your line of sight in the game even more and will increase your total fps amount up to 3-10. 10)Have a look on these sites for more performance improvement: -------------------------------------------------------------- [Here]( "") ----------------------------------------------------------------- [And here]( "") --------------------------------------------------------------------- Proof: Hope I helped! Leave a comment or pm me if you got any questions!



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