How to get more fps on mp and sp

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First of all you need to lower the graphics (we all know that) Set them to: Resolution:800*480 V-sync:off System spec:Gamer If that doesn't work and you still get low fps then try downloading [this]( ""). When you download place the cfg file in your Crysis 2 directory. Should be on "Computer/Local Disk C or F or E or D or whatever/program files (*86)/Electronic Arts/Crytek/Crysis 2" ![]( "") Well if you are not satisfied with the result yet then go right click on your computer shortcut and select "properties" ![]( "") Then go to "Advanced system settings" ![]( "") Right after that got to "Advanced" tab and under "performance" select "settings" ![]( "") A window will pop-out. Go to "Visual Effects" tab and check the "Adjust for best performance" ![]( "") Click "Apply" and close the windows. This method will save at least 1Gb RAM so that any game can run faster. Now open the game and you should see that you increased your frame rate up to 5-30 fps. Prove: Hope i helped and if you got any questions just post a comment here or pm me. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------



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