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A Tutorial for Crysis 2

Programs required: -Photoshop (any version) -[Photoshop dds plugin]( "") -[Quickbms]( "") Please follow these simple steps: 1) First we need to extract crysis 2 textures so that we can edit them to our likings. 2) Download [Quickbms]( ""). 3) Once you done extract it to your desktop run "quickbms.exe". ![]( "") 4) Now a window will pop-out asking you to "select the BMS script or plugin to use". Go where you extract quickbms and select "Crysis 2 (script 0.2).bms" ![]( "") 5) Another window will pop out asking you to "select the input archives/files to extract". Then you to go to "Computer/Local Disk C or D or F or E or whatever/Program Files (*86)/Electronic Arts/Crytek/Crysis 2/gamecrysis2/Objects.pak" ![]( "") 6) Select Objects.pak and another window will pop out asking you to "select the output folder where extracting the files" select wherever you like to extract the textures. 7) Now open up the "Objects" folder and find whatever texture you like to re-texture or re-color. When a small window pops out when you are trying to open the texture saying "Mip Maps" just press "No" ![]( "") 8) When you done with the texture save it as a .dds file and use these settings: ![]( "") 9) Ok your done. Now you need to install the texture in the game. To do that just go to "Computer/Local Disk C or D or F or E or whatever/Program Files (*86)/Electronic Arts/Crytek/Crysis 2/gamecrysis2" And create a directory same as the texture's directory. *For example if the texture was in "Objects/weapons/us/c4" then you have to create those folders and put the c4 textures in "c4" folder. 10) Open the game and have fun!!! Hope i helped and if you got any questions just post a comment here or pm me. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------



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