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Moving doors with transparent glass - A Tutorial for Counter-Strike 1.6

Note: This works with every Half-Life 1 mod

You always wanted to do doors that have glass but you could never do so?

Here is the answer and is very easy to do:

1- Open hammer and create a new map.

2- Make a small room divided by a wall to test the door.

Now here we start with the real mapping:

3- Create a door (any size if you want) and make a small hole in it (to put the glass).

4- Now make a small cube with the texture "origin" (which will work as a hinge/axis for teh door) and put it from where you want the door to rotate (check the screenshot if you don't know where i mean).

5- Then now create the glass (which must be the same size as the hole in the door) and fill the hole with it.

6- Make another small cube with "origin" as the texture and put it (looking from the top view) in the same place as the first one but change it's height a bit so you can select it later.

7- Select the first origin cube with the door and right-click them and choose Tie to Entity, now in there select "func_door\_rotating" and name it door1.

8- Select the glass and the other origin cube and do the same as the previous step (right-click --> Tie to Entity
--> "func\_door\_rotating") and change the name to glass1, but before closing the window scroll down a bit until you see a option called Render Mode so click it and change the value to Texture and finally change the FX Amount to 150 (so it will be half transparent).

You can see in the screenshots that my door have 2 glasses but is the same process to add more (only that you have to name the other glasses with a different number like glass2 or just another name).

9- Create a block with the texture aaatriger that covers the whole door and a bit more, so now tie it to trigger_multiple and change the it's Target to mm_door1 and the Delay before reset to 4.

That block will act as an area in which, when you walk on it is activated and triggers an entity.

10- Finally create an "multimanager" with the entity tool and place it somewhere near the door, then change the name to mm_door1 and click on the button SmartEdit to disable it.

Now click on the Add button and where it says Key write the name of the door (door1) and the Value to 0 (so it will be instantly triggered).

Click again on Add and fill the Key field with the name of the glass (glass1) and Value with 0.

Now you have the door finished with transparent glass, so add an info_player_start and some lights to test the map!

Here you can download the map (in .rmf) that i made to test this.

Also if you don't understand something feel free to post a comment and i will help you.